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Optical Express

changed my world!

Getting laser eye surgery has changed my world. Never having to wake up in the morning fumbing for my glasses. Never having to worry about swimming get splashes on them or putting contacts in. It really is painless. As described by optician it really does feel like slight pressure on your eye. Took in total 12mins to complete procedure. Staff were all friendly and supportive. As you can expect i was extremely nervous heart pounding as i walked with.nurse into procedure room. Staff helped me keep calm and the procedure was done. As soon as i got off the table i could see!!woohoo and it really does look like your walking in fog straight after but tht soon by next day disapears. Bright lights are abit uncomfortable after also to be expected. Reccommend you just go to bed a sleep it off by morning.any discomfort will be gone and your vision near perfect improves over the coming days. My eyes were extremely watery and felt really heavy, could hardly open my open my eyes which is all effects of the procedure. All in all the best thing i have ever spent money on and well!! Feel like i have been able to see perfectly all my days! Highly reccommend.

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