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Exante Diet

rather good diet

i was quite impressed with the diet, however after hearing it is cheaper thn the cambridge i found out it wasnt...unless you buy in bulk its more expensive. it was costing me about 54 pound a week and cambridge is £42. you dont always want to order in bulk in case you decide you want to stop the diet or dont ike some of the products. to buy single items its around 2.80 a packet. i think cambridge is about £2. the good thing with exante is you dont have to go get weighed etc.
The products; Loved the porridge, shakes and bars. The soups i found vile except the mushroom and i am not a fussy eater, i like the taste of any soup. I never tried the pasta due to the bad feedback of it. I was quite surprised how much fat is actually in the exante products also. I wasted 3 soups because when i ordered a bumper pack i didnt realise how awful they were so some unopened packets got thrown in the bin. i really cant afford to be doing that and you cannot swap things where as on cambridge you can. I do think more products should be introduced, maybe flavoured porridges also. I could have lived off the porridge it was that tasty.Theproducts filled me and didnt feel hungry. Its just initially training yourself to cut out breads, sugar, milk etc which for the first couple of day was hard but then it was ok. I came off the diet after three weeks and i had lost 4lb. I just couldnt afford to do it anymore or i would have carried on. I did however lose quite a few inches and my waist and stomach are so much smaller and i feel better for cuttingout the bad foods. these i have not added back into my diet. . Whilst on the diet it does interfere with , sorry to say it ( your bowels) which is uncomfortable but you just have to drink PLENTY of water which for me is difficult. I did try my best and was drinking an awful lot more than i normally would. overall exante is quite good.

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