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Top class service from a first class team!

Mypharmacist has been one of the best finds of my life. The type of hidden gem that only comes around once in a while. They always have what I need, at prices that are great, shipped next day, and all with a customer service that is second to none. I'd be lost without Mypharmacist now!

PC Specialist Ltd


I am not the easiest customer, as while my PC was still in the pre-production stage, I'd made 6 changes to my spec, and even called them on the phone to revert two of the changes back to the original spec! But not ONCE did I get the feeling that I was mucking them around or inconveniencing them whatsoever. In fact, each time I called, the person I spoke to seemed only too happy that i was taking an active interest in my order! I have to say that the prices, speed of build and delivery are second to none, as is the quality of the system that I configured on the website from scratch. It really is a dream to use. And as for the build quality, it's PERFECT! Even the cables are of an amazingly high standard. I used to build my own, and friends and family's pc's, but from now on I'll be sticking to just fixing/upgrading, as my system was built perfectly. I really can't stress that enough. Thank you so much to all at PCS who worked on my system, you really did build my dream PC and the little finishing touches are almost beyond belief. A scale of 10 is not good enough so I give you 99 out of 100. The only reason it's not 100 is that I paid extra for a better power supply and extra fan, but the PSU has zero details on it, let alone a make or rating. Also, there's no sign of the extra case fan, tho I'm now suspecting it's part of the PSU, but as it draws air in from under the case and blows the hot air out the rear, it shouldn't really count as an extra fan. But that is REALLY digging to find something to moan about, as I can't moan as it's truly the most fabulous and pleasurable system I have EVER used. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. I have already been shouting your name from the rooftops and am determined to get someone to place an order with you so they too can indulge in the joy that is owning and being part off the PC Specialist computer system family. I am now an avid member of the fantastic forums on the PCS website, as, like their computers, it is first rate. Buying my new PC was A pure joy, and an experience that made a normal day feel like Xmas did when I was 10. I WILL be using again, with great anticipation. Ben Waters :-)

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Ben Goatboy Waters
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