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Not alot of Trust in TrustPilot

We have never asked or wanted to be included on TrustPilot as a company. There are good reasons as the limited verification process does not make it, in our view a reliable source of review. That said others do and that is a matter for themselves. However in sitting behind the face of a customer lead database they regrettably create their own interpretation of European Law. When you request not to be included in their database you receive a standard response along the lines of "we're merely a platform for freedom of speech". Everyone is entitled to free speech however not everyone is entitled to use web content of the target business site for their own commercial gain. This is what TrustPilot does by the lifting of site descriptions and using the live screen dumps of business websites by utilising images, content etc. When this is raised with TrustPilot this point is ignored, you are informed the matter is closed and the response is sent from a nameless person. If, as an organisation your aim is to promote the best possible customer experience then surely TrustPilot should be the leading light? I shall look forward to the stock response in relation to this review advising me that I can have a free account etc etc etc

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05 April 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Sparky,

Thanks for your feedback.

On a general note, you can either embrace this new wave where consumer has more power, which Trustpilot is a part of, or you can dislike it.

Dissatisfied consumers will express their opinion whether you like it or not. On Trustpilot we offer companies a way to reply to the negative feedback to show others that they care about customers. And you are right, a business can't get their company profile removed if they are not interested in using Trustpilot, and you are also right that it's free to create a business account and communicate with customers.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev

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