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love the products

Great choice in products but I am always put off from ordering because of the very expensive £5 delivery. Even if you buy something small like a lipstick. Other companies online offer cheaper delivery or free.


Been excellent until..

Have bought a few things over the years from American Soda - even driving all the way to the shop/warehouse once. My partner is a huge fan of root beer and we like trying out a few other things too.
Service has always been quick, a little expensive, but worth it.

This Jan, I bought a selection of stuff for my partner. Root beer, candy and some hot BBQ sauce. The bottle of BBQ sauce was wrapped up well in bubble wrap before being placed with all the other stuff. Yet I noticed that the best before date had been removed. It has light scratches just on the date, but all the other writing - product code etc which is right next to it was all fine and the plastic just fine and scratch free. I wrote to customer services to tell them what has happened, and to ask for the BB date, and they were helpful with the date - but tried to blame the removal of the date on the bottle on it being packed up with other items in the box. This just made me laugh out loud because it was just a feeble, esp as the bottle had been wrapped up in bubble wrap!!

OK, I am not saying that they as a company have done this deliberately and it could of course be just one of those things, but I must admit I will trust them less in the future. They should check their stock too before sending it out.


Classy service for classy goods

I recently ordered a duvet cover and changed my mind about the colour - emailed them and they changed it immediately with no probs. Really nice, polite and helpful folk to deal with. I've ordered from them a couple of times and I've had things sent packed up really well and beautifully, and sent really fast. Amara are a delight to deal with!


Can't get better

Bought some things in the sale, so good prices (Normally I find WOOT quite expensive). Delivery was really fast with tracking which is excellent and the goodies I bought perfect.


Pet Supermarket

Quick delivery

And a good price! Can't fault them other than sending me marketing emails when I ticked the box to ask for no emails... So many companies do this and it's annoying - why offer an opt out box if they will ignore it anyway?!

Hopefully the unsubscribe button works.


Cancel button not worth the bother!

Realised I could get my goodies elsewhere cheaper, I tried to cancel my order about 4 mins after I placed it online. And they couldn't. I mean, what's the point in having a cancellation button if it doesn't work? I ordered late at night, so I doubt very much there was someone in the warehouse packing things up...

Update: Order not sent, so I phoned customer services in the morning. They couldn't promise that they would cancel the order, as it's in packing. I would receive an email either way which I didn't get... so the item is in their warehouse, even tho I put a report/cancel request online just 4 mins after I ordered the item, I telephoned, they have the item in their hands.. And they still they can't cancel it????

EDITED to reply to below:

Order No: 31299504 And can you tell me why even when I phoned, it still wasn't cancelled? I received a dispatch email 24 hours later after I phoned to cancel it. So why was my telephone request also ignored?

02 September 2013

Reply from Lookfantastic


Thank you for the recent review.

I am really sorry to hear the cancellation you had requested for this order had failed. Please can you provide an order number so I can take a look into why this failed to cancel after you completed the order 4 minutes earlier.

Again I am really sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Kindest regards, Customer Care Team.


I ordered a dress which arrived with a large line of ink running down the front. I returned it immediately, to be told that it will have to be investigated before a replacement or refund issued. I was also told that they may have to send it back to the manufacturers for further investigation. They do not give a time frame, so this could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months for all I know.

Now my issue is that a customer should not have to wait at all for a faulty item to be investigated, and I most certainly have no interest in it being returned to the manufacturer - my deal is with Joe Browns, not the person who makes them. This is a shocking way to deal with customers. I feel that they are also forgetting my distant selling cooling off period, no matter if item is faulty or not.

Because they will take so long, I notice that the item is now limited stock, so by the time they sort anything out, it will be sold out, adding to further disappointment and frustration.


27 March 2014

Reply from Joe Browns Ltd

Hi there

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to review your experience with Joe Browns - even though you were left disappointed, we're grateful for your feedback.

Secondly, we apologise for only replying to you now - we have only very recently joined Trustpilot and so we weren't aware of your review until now.

With regards to what you've mentioned in your review, please accept our apologies, as it sounds as though our email to you at the time of you contacting us about your faulty dress wasn't as clear as it should have been. In the unlikely event that you receive such an item from us, the time taken to resolve the matter is generally minimal (the whole process - including the refund/exchanging process - rarely takes any longer than a week from you posting the faulty item back to us). Also, we're always happy to consider exceptions if - for example - a replacement item is required as a matter of urgency for a forthcoming event etc. Nevertheless, please accept our sincere apologies for the disappointment that was clearly caused - we can only hope that the matter in question didn't cause you too much inconvenience.

Unfortunately, Trustpilot don't supply us with your personal details or the full details of the order discussed here - we'd be grateful if you could drop us a quick email via our 'contact us' page at, referring to this message. Many thanks.

Thanks again for taking the time to review your order.

Not fab

Returned a dress no probs, with the collect+ service. Arrived back at them quick and they processed the refund.

And here is the problem. I paid via paypal and the refund is on hold. It will be like this for about 7-10 days because they do not hold any funds on paypal, or they have a poor record. Means a customer has to wait a long, unacceptable time for a refund.


Actually it is. Sorry. There are a couple of monetary reasons why a temporary hold is placed on a refund. One is that they want to make sure that my own payment was cleared before you issued a refund. As this was done (the order was done 12 days prior to refund), then the only issue would be surfdome's end. This is either because of the reasons stated above. If Surdome had money in the account (rather than draw from a bank) then the money would've been returned withing a couple of hours. If the money is drawn from a bank account, then the refund is treated more like a e-cheque, and it takes several days for it to be sorted. I know this for a few reasons - I once refunded someone after I'd emptied my paypal account and it took over a week for them to get the money, and also, it's common knowledge and can be found on paypal's terms and conditions. If there is plenty of money in Surdome's paypal account then the temporary hold will be placed for other reasons, ie - a new company or too many disputes etc. I have never had a delay placed on a paypal refund from an online store before, it has always been instant but I guess they ran things differently.. You should also make it very clear that refunds will take several days when purchasing. I telephoned a couple of days to talk about this, but the chap I spoke to did not understand me, and I gave up trying to figure out the reason why it was delayed. He said that it can take a long time to be refunded at the end of the call and that was the only thing he could say on the matter.

25 June 2013

Reply from

Thank you for your review. We have looked into your concerns and confirm that it appears that a spot check was instigated to check the refund transaction was accurate. We receive many payments by Pay Pal each day and refunds are normally processed quickly. We are sorry yours was delayed on this occasion. We are confident if you order again that this will not happen a 2nd time.


Shoddily made

Previously had a bathstore toilet, very expensive, but it was an excellent toilet, had it over 8 years and no probs, still looked new. We moved, and decided to get a new bathroom set from bathstore. What happened to the quality? Delivery was ok - it was 6 hours early, but as I was in, no probs. But every single item has been less that impressive. The square sink is not flat, with two ridges of different sizes at the back. The bath has a huge blob in it, and a large ridge across the bottom, and the most impressive was the closed coupled toilet that doesn't sit flat on the floor. Fitting a toilet to the floor and wall, it needs to be flat as are our floor and walls! The toilet has also got cheap, flimsy plastic screws & fittings internally - now we know why the showroom toilet was stuck shut to stop us peeking!! Sadly we did not check the sink in time (bought first), the bath we will keep simply just because of we like the style and running out of time to fit the new bathroom but the toilet is going back - its unusable. 3 of of 3 items are faulty and badly made.

02 April 2013

Reply from Bathstore


I am very sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the quality of the products that you have recently purchased.

It is our intention to create high quality bathrooms for every taste and every budget and therefore to receive such feedback is very disappointing.

Should there be a problem with any of the goods, we would arrange for replacements as quickly as possible. Could I ask that you contact me on the number below, and please provide me with your order number and I will investigate matters further.

Kind Regards

Paula Davies
Customer Service Manager
08000 23 23 23 option 3



Good online shop, fast delivery, and free delivery makes it even better! Both times have ordered from them its gone without a hitch. Cheers!

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