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Feel Good Contact Lenses

Rapid and Reliable

As a non-affiliated and totally independent reviewer who in no way is motivated by a potential discount for writing a review, I would like to state that FGCL is pretty good.

Contact lenses are commodities and therefore I don't expect to be ripped off, so I didn't really check around too much. Could be that some other supplier gives you a diamond pony every time you order a lens, could also be that they give you Pinkeye.

Fact of the matter is, I chose this supplier because the first two words of their name share the first two words of a song's name, said song being recorded by particular artists originating in the UK with heritage in such bands as Blur. And you should too.

EDIT: Dropped these honkys down from 5 to 3 for lying about a discount if I reviewed them.

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