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Worst Telecom provider ever encountered

I have been with BT since August 2012. Everything was fine till January 2013 where I noticed on my January bill two specific numbers being charged in repeat covering the entire bill. These numbers are 08702 416901-08702 416902. January bill was quite alot. February bill I fell of the sky as the total calls to these numbers were worth around 25 pounds and March bill around 6-7 pounds. I have called several times where waiting through the messaging service to direct me till I speak to someone and almost all calls where in the duration of 2-2.5 hours placing my complaint and trying to get a solution to my problem. The people on the other side were in some cases a bit rude besides one person with the name of Christine who was trying so hard to help me but could not get somewhere. In all calls I fault like a tennis ball from customer service to faults- to billing department and my problem still hasn't been solved. The only thing managed was to put the charges mentioned above to stay on the side so I can pay the rest of the bill as I refuse to pay for calls that I haven;t made. Forgot to mention that BT told me that these are fax numbers after they checked and they asked me if I have an alarm system which I don't. Its funny because these calls are constant lets say 13-14 calls one after the other in a time duration of 10 minutes. This happens almost every day a few times from what I viewed on my bills.I asked if these numbers can be blocked or my line can be checked and they said that the line is fine and I have done these calls(Yea right like I don't have anyhting better to do but to call midnighht or 6 in the morning 13 calls one after the other with the same call duration in a time frame of 10 minutes) I have decided not to continue wasting saliva anymore and time with BT as their aftersales support and focus to customer satisfaction is bellow zero rating for me. If they don't solve this matter in the next two weeks I will change provider immediately. Forgot to mention that I viewed my current usage and these calls continue to be charged on my bill. Next week is bill payday. From my experience with telecom companies in three different countries BT is the far worst ever company I have encountered.

Thank you BT for the lifetime unforgetable experience.

P.S. I tried to summarise the situation as I will not spend more time and patience as I done with calls to BT customer service. Start considering changing country base for you customer services because when it was in the UK in the past it was far more better and today due to the crisis situation competition started started to kick in and alot of customers will be lost.

Kind Refards
Your current dissapointed customer

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