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All keyed up and rearing to go ................

It has taken me 18 months to convince Ken that Equity Release was his idea and that we should go for it ! All our money went into the house when we retired from the pub. Ken had this idea of selling up and moving to a bungalow but after going down that route and putting the house on the market, what does he go and do - has a massive heart attack and ends up in hospital for 6 blinking weeks. Now he has started to get his act together again he has decided that Equity release is going to work for us.
Laura's wedding, new kitchen and utility, carpets, new furnishings, curtains, the odd treat - good holiday first and foremost. The girls are making their own way and don't need our money and have said - go for it and enjoy your lives.
Paul Wareham came to see us, talked us through everything and assured us there were no gremlins going to jump out of the woodwork and bite us on the bum. He was straightforward and his advice was uncomplicated. So, we have gone and done it !!!!!

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