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Customer Service is non-existant

On March 15 I signed up for the wine club. I was not given a chance to finalize purchase with shipping and was mildly surprised to see a 20.00 shipping charge added to purchase price. I selected one of three option : the mixed case and happily set out to wait my wine. I cannot drink red wine but my fiance does so I know I selected that case.
The following Monday (18th) I saw that no charge had been made to my card yet so I went to review my order; wanting to make sure it had been placed correctly. I noticed that it was all set, but that it was just reds not red and white. I immediately called and asked them to fix it. At that time I was told that it had "already been sent to the warehouse and couldn't be changed." I then asked about cancelling the order. Again I was told that "it was already sent to the warehouse so they could not cancel." I then asked to speak to a manager. They said they would issue an interruption to try to keep the order from shipping. I called the next day and I was told the warehouse had received the information and would cancel as soon as a tracking number was issued. On March 21 I got an email saying that it was set to ship out and that a tracking number had issued. I called to make sure the interruption would go through and I was assured that everything was set to do so. The following day I noticed it had actually shipped. I called again and was told there was no guarantee that they could have stopped the shipment and that my only option was to refuse the shipment so that it would ship back to them and then they would be able to issue a refund. I find it hard to believe that it took a week to ship and NO ONE could stop it or cancel it. I find it frustrating that all I wanted was the mixed case and there was no way just to sub that in. I find it ridiculous that my money is held hostage while I repeatedly tell them there is a problem and no one can fix it. It seems like an odd business practice to pay for shipping two ways when a customer calls way before it ships to let them know there is a problem. This is awful customer service. EVEN if it was originally my fault and I clicked the wrong button.... Oh yes I was also told I could order a new case of the correct wine while I waited on this to get resolved to make sure I got the wine in time for an event. Umm no. I will never order from this company again and I fully expect to continue to have problems getting my money back or the correct wine. I am very concerned about refusing the shipment and having it shipped back and having to wait until they get it so that I get a refund. I am expected to have the wine April 2 so I am expecting

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