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I ended up in a bad place through my stupidity and someone else taking advantage of my good nature BUT i made those choices so I AM responsible for the mess i got into.
I went to payplan and have never ever looked back, yes i went through a stage where i ignored my problems but PP bought me back to reality in a very gently way, gotta say I'm and sooooo impressed with them that i tell all my friends to go to them and ignore all the others that are charging HUGE amounts to set this up and to set that up NO PAYPLAN don't do this and I've even taken out life assurance just in case , it costs me £5 a month and is a great idea. I have a number of health issues so can't get life insurance and yea i know that this insurance only covers the amount that i in debt by but at least i know that if I pop me clogs than my kids aren't saddled with my debt, another incentive as far as I'm concerned a brilliant company who help you all the way. I can ring up and get answers as & when , this is great. I have had other companies ringing me and trying to get me to swap to them and they tell me that payplan ARE charging me well all I can say is YOU SHOW ME WHERE AND I'LL CHANGE.... but they can't prove this so is goodbye to them & Yeap I'm sticking with PP lover this company would recommend them to anyone and everyone that needs help

08 April 2013

Reply from Payplan

Hi Caddi,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It's good to see such positive comments.

Kind regards,


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