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Blatant misrepresentation

Purchased a phone from Dial a Phone which clearly stated that the tariff included 'unlimited minutes' and 'unlimited texts' (and indeed I bought it for that sole reason). When I received the confirmation email, the tariff was stated as "3000 minues + 3000 texts'. I immediately called customer services to query this but found that none of the options actually led anywhere i.e. it was impossible to find an option which allowed you to speak to a customer services adviser. In the end, I ended up calling the sales team (funnily enough, no problem getting through to someone on that line...) only to be told that although they do state the tariff as 'unlimited'.... it's actually not unlimited. Apparently there is something in the small print which says the 'fair usage' policy of the network provider I chose (Orange) is maximum 3,000 minutes and 3,000 texts. When I asked why, therefore, Dial a phone have advertised the tariff as 'unlimited' when they know that it is not, they couldn't give a sufficient explanation. This is blatant misrepresentation and im sure the ombudsman would have something to say about it. Be very cautious when using this company - you don't get what you thought you were paying for and their customer services 'set-up' is quite frankly appalling.

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