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What Matters Most: More Money!

I'm a British ex-pat living in the US. I have a UK pension that's paid into my UK bank account every month. In the past, it's been a real pain doing the transfer to my US bank. Until not long ago, I had to actually do this on the phone with my bank and patiently repeat the same details month after month while they filled a form in! Can you believe it? But while eliminating that hassle by using TransferWise has been important, the key benefit is that I simply end up with more money in my pocket, both with lower transfer costs and a better exchange rate. Over the years, this could mean thousands of dollars to me (instead of my bank). I did my research of many sites offering a similar service and this was easily the best both for transparency and exchange rates. This is a fast, simple, customer-driven service that I cannot rate highly enough.

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