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123-Reg - Making Money off Domain Name - while they are changing Registrars.

I have been with 123-Reg over 10 years now buying domain names
to host on my servers and not there's by the way. I renewed one of my domain names
on 22 Mar 2013 to be precise paid in full and have a
Receipt for the payment. The domain is still off line while they are
changing Registrars is what they told me. To put insult to injury they
have the domain name pointing to a site that is PPC. I phoned them on monday 25th
and was told it would be up by the thur 28 Mar to confirm that they told me to look
in my 123-Reg control panel. I took a copy of the details so could show me client.

I then called today to find out why it is still not showing only to be told the domain
will not be up until Tue 2nd April.

Because i took a copy of the web site when it was showing 28/3 and now 2/4 that now makes the
domain name that I have paid for in full will be off line for 11 days.

My domain name off line for 11 days I you cannot do nothing about it with 123-Reg.

The Administrative Contact has also changed to by the way is a company that
123-Reg recently bought.

I realy had high regards for 123-Reg and recomended all my clients to them. This has totaly
changed the way I feel about the company plus I have now lost a valuable client because of all this.

Don’t use 123reg. This company has lost my trust completely.

Try to use a direct/root registrar if at all possible.

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02 April 2013

Reply from 123 Reg


123-reg is now a direct registrar and we are currently in the process of moving our whole portfolio of domain names which we register for our customers to our control rather than using third parties. This will improve the support and domain name control experience for our customers.

To do this we need to transition the domain names across, and we are using the domain name renewal as the trigger for this. In the majority of cases the domain names will auto renew 7 days prior tot he expiration date and this will mean that the transition will complete before the expiration and ensure a smooth continuation of services for our customers.

If a domain name is renewed at the expiration date or later there maybe some downtime as the domain name is transitions and the renewal does not complete until after this has completed. I do apologise for any inconvenience that you have experienced due to this, however I can assure you we have put in place measures, such as renewing domain names 7 days prior to the expiration dates, to avodd any issues for customers.

If you would like to know anything further regarding the transitions of domain names you can find out more information here:

If I could be of any further help please let me know.


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