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Simply Electronics Ltd.

Cannot get any response as to order status: UPDATE - getting better

Other than confirmation of payment 18/3/13 from, surprisingly, I have received no emails from simplyelectronics regarding order confirmation/delivery status, and have not yet received the item. I phoned customer support on 22/3/13 who reported that the order was still "with compliance" for some reason, and that I would receive an email from them this week, but I have not.
I can't check on-line as the order was allowed to be placed without registering. I have tried to register since, but the system will not allow me to as the email address used for the order is already on the system. I cannot therefore view my account page.
So I resorted to the contact support form which sends a ticket to a support site. However there were errors with the submission which resulted in missing order/contact details, and it created 3 identical tickets!. I then registered with this support site so that I could log in and see responses (luckily this also allowed me to add the missing order details). I have not yet received a response.

I also tried phoning again and was given a 1 minute wait. After 15 minutes on the 0844 499 0616 I gave up.

So ten days after placing the order for an "in stock" item, I have no idea as to whether it has been shipped or not.
This is shocking customer support and I now feel inclined to cancel the order, as it needs to arrive by April 3rd but will I ever get a refund?


Thank you, Vanessa, but as I receive and read all emails without spam filtering, I can confirm that no emails other than payment receipt have been received until today, when I at last received I received a support form response by email. Since then, I have received a flurry of response emails, and following a telephone call from simplyelectyonics the order is now proceeding.

02 April 2013

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Clive,

Apologies for the delays, however we actually sent out 3-4 emails from the time order was placed regarding your order (please do check your spam/folder just in case). We've sent out another today using a different today, and hope to resolve this matter soon.


Vanessa Carroll

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