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WAE+ keep taking of the bad reviews saying missing proof of purchase??? Why??
I have all the details below about my purchase and they still taking of my review that I am not a genuine customer. What can I say this makes them very very dishonest and mistrustful.. Congrats WAE+ You can be proud of yourself taking customers money then when something goes wrong there is nobody to help or support us...

Your order number: #4308912681

Order total (including tax and discounts): £395.69

Order status: Your order has some items allocated.

Even head office not responding for e-mails and there are no numbers to call if you have any problem only the customer service who cannot help you. Guys can you please make sure you can handle what you promise to your customers or it is a 1 person company and everything out of control?

Ordered a projector on the 29th of April with 3-5 working days delivery .. Its now the 10th of May. They still waiting for the supplier to send it to them and they dont have a clue when it will be due to delivery:) Called customer service 3-4 times even when I saw that they not sending my tracking details and its going to late... They said i dont have to worry because they received it and they only have to send it to me in the next following days, they also said that it wont be late. Just called them today so my projector now in France... I dont know how could be there once they received it in England that they said before...mystery or dishonest employees. Customer adviser told me that they ordering the products from outside of the EU so if the site said "in stock" it does not mean nothing because it will take up to 4-26 days to ship it from that distance. That is why I cannot understand how a company can afford to advertise "in stock" and "3-5working days" delivery when they already know that they cannot complete it in time. It is just very unprofessional and such a big customer deception. Customer Service on the phone is useless, they dont really know any information about when will you receive your order. They cant forward you to any department, not even to their supervisor or any other collegues. Defiantly not gonna order again and recommend them.

I would recommend to others who have the same problem to write to the below address a polite formal mail regarding to the order and if they not complete you will turn to 3rd parties.


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Ordered a projector with 48hours delivery and site said it is in stock. After 48 hours they did not even dispatched my stuff and contacted with me. Called them and they said it is not in stock they have to order it and will take up to 10 more days. Assistant told me maybe I can get back a part of my delivery cost :):). Canceled my order and asked for refund, also called my bank to stop the transfer and ask the company for refund. Pixmania sent me an email saying my refund been made on the 27th March and it will take up to 3 working days. 1 week later on the 2nd April they took my money from my account ignoring me and my bank. So many mistakes, rude manager who even started shouting on the phone, they are trying to find excuses why they making mistakes like it is not their fault. They now saying they have technical issues that is why they cant send my money, what a joke... people complaining about the same for years...They cant have issues every single day. I have to pay rent but I cant because of they sitting on my £500. They not contacting with you if anything goes wrong, no email, no call no comment on your account, you only get updates when you calling them. My worst customer service experience and the most unprofessional company I have ever seen, they dont know what they doing really. I had to ask my bank for investigation and had to take legal actions to ombudsman to stop this. Waiting for outcome.


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09 April 2013

Reply from

Hello M. Blase,
Thank you for your review.
I am sorry if the item you purchased was out of stock and if you were not satisfied with our customer services.
We aim to provide the most efficient service to our customers and keep you updated at all times on your orders progression.
Please note that we have over 1 400 000 products on our site and try to ensure that each status is updated daily.
I have been reviewing your file and can see that we have canceled your order as requested on the 28th of March. Due to a technical error, we are unable to trace your payment. I am urgently looking into this with our accounts department and as soon as I have more information I will update you directly with a suitable solution.
If you have any questions in the meantime, I invite you to contact me on and I would be more than happy to help you.
Kind Regards
Pixmania Mediator


they delivered my parcel to an unknown address and person

My family sent me a parcel from Hungary to London. I was not at home the time of the delivery but I received an e-mail that they gave it to somebody called "Liam" who signed it and received my parcel. I have no idea who is that person as I dont have any flatmates and neighbours called like that. Why they giving my stuff to somebody who is not even living at my address... its totally insane, what a poor service and idiot people... There is a CCTV on the top of my door which shows there was no DPD tried to deliver my parcel to my address. I believe everybody should let the ombudsman known about this customer deception that we having about the bank holidays.. If I dont get my parcel and respond where my parcel is, what happened and how they would like to improve their poor service I going to sew the DPD by myself.. luckily I am working in a Law Office so do not need to much effort to start a case against them.

If the same happened with somebody can you please drop me an e-mail then I can collect some more information and evidences for making a case to be much successful.

03 April 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Blase,

I have looked into this, and our parcel tracking system states that an investigation has been raised to establish who signed for the parcel, so this is being looked at for you.

Please email with your phone number if you need any additional assistance.

Kind regards,


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