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Oh dear. Don't Care. Lie. Ignore requests. Don't want to help. Awful Service

I spend hundreds of pounds with this company to send parcels to my customers. Yes, there are the odd mistake, non-collection etc but these are minor errors. I had a parcel that was delivered to the wrong customer.

I got in touch, they said they would rearrange collection and deliver to the correct customer. Perfect. problem sorted.

Or so you would think...

What followed was around 6 chats (when i managed to find out where it was! not in 'help' section where you would expect) and chatted with various different people who, seem very helpful but in fact, are the complete opposite.

I explained to the customer that incorrectly received the extra parcel that city link would be collecting next day from her workplace. They didn't collect. (this makes me look like a idiot).

I contacted them and they apologised that it had for some reason been cancelled and would need to be rebooked (wouldn't tell me why though!).

I spoke to the supervisor - that person confirmed that it would be collected today (4th march) - i then get an email 2 hours later - to say that the consignment number had changed again - but again, no explanation as to WHY???? I emailed back - no response.

I explain to my customer again, that it will be collected today. Surprise, surprise, it wasn't - at this point, i'm getting a little bit annoyed. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?

I can book a parcel in for collection up to 11pm at night and it will be collected next day .... for some reason. it takes them over 4 days of 'rebooking' for collection until i lose my patience and book it in for recollection myself - AT MY OWN COST.

I'm emailing them with a formal complaint, with copies of all of my conversations with the various members of staff that lied to me about emails that would be sent, recollections getting booked and generally fobbing me off with excuses. But no explanations.

Parcel2go - please do not respond below with the generic 'let me look into this for you' there's no need. I have copies of the chat transcripts and am making a complaint.

Since writing this (foolishly hoping it would be sorted out now) – the parcel again wasn’t collected. I asked why, I was told that there are many reasons why parcels may not be colleted…. Care to suggest one??? ‘sorry we don’t have that information’ …. Haha well how on earth am I supposed to know what the problem is if you don’t???

I was offered yet another rebook for collection. Let’s see if it gets collected today. 4 working days so far and counting….

07 March 2014

Reply from Parcel2go

Good morning Dani,

Really sorry to hear about the failed collection.

If you can email me the P2G number to facebook@parcel2go.com I will take a look into your issue and see if I can find out why the parcel failed to collect.



Good sales service – until there’s a problem – TERRIBLE *updated*

Sales team were good at doing their job, ‘selling’. Next day delivery etc – it’s all great, as the rest of the reviews show. (as long as they are getting your money they are most helpful)

However, things all go wrong when/if you need to return an item.

The sales team told me that the £2,000.00 Oki printer would do what I specifically wanted it for, they said, and I quote -‘100% it will work for what you want it for’, on this basis, I went ahead with an order. When it arrived – it didn’t do what I wanted or was assured it would.

I read up on my consumer rights – Distance Selling Regulations and emailed them the next working day to say that I would like a refund. I was point blank refused on grounds that I had opened the box and used the printer. This is rubbish! Their terms and conditions do not override the law.

I had to contact Citizens Advice and a Solicitor for advice on my rights. It turns out I was right, I was fully entitled to a refund.

They continuously told me incorrect information regarding distance selling regulations, despite me emailing them a copy and referring to specific sections/paragraphs. Their staff need to be trained on absolutely all aspects of Distance Selling Regulations because such blatant misrepresentation of the law is completely disgusting.

It was making me feel physically sick that I had spent £2k on a printer and was illegally being refused a refund.

After 37 emails and numerous telephone calls, feeling like I was banging my head against a brick wall, after various different excuses as to why they wouldn’t give me a refund and my threatening legal action against them, they eventually agreed to refund my money after a LOT of unnecessary stress.

This was not the end.

They arranged for the printer to be collected from me and agreed to refund me immediately as soon as the item was collected. Another lie. It took me until half way through the next working day after 3 phone calls and 2 emails telling them I would be telephoning every 30 minutes until I receive my refund.

Avoid at all costs and if you have to use them and something does go wrong, make sure you read up on your consumer rights and do not give up until you get a refund.

The Distance Selling regulations are put in place to stop this exact thing happening. This is a disgusting way to run a business, luckily for me, the majority of my dispute with them has been in email so I have copies of all correspondence and I will be reporting them to trading standards and complaining to anyone that will listen.


Since writing this review I have been contacted by Printerland and they have gone out of their way to rectify the situation and have apologised for the way I was treated and have provided me with another printer for different purposes.

However, my stars will remain at 1 because this should never have been my experience in the first place and due to the considerable amount of stress and upset I went through during the 2 1/2 weeks it took for them to accept the return.

The prices at printerland are the most competative I have seen and so I will happily use them in the future for my toner/ink etc.

A big thank you to Catherine who took the time to read all of the correspondence and contacted me to apologise.

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