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City Link

Are children working for City Link?!

I'm sure someone at City Link is using their child to make deliveries.

My son was expecting a part for his car which he planned to put in over the Easter break. On Wednesday early afternoon I was sitting in my living room when I saw what looked like a young girl walking past the window. We live in a terrace with a right of way next to the house. I listened out for a knock on the door but when I heard nothing I assumed they had gone to a neighbour. Later when I went to the hall I found a card from City Link saying they had tried to deliver but no one was in. The time coincided with when I saw the girl pass the window.

The next day I was very careful to stay downstairs and didn't put the TV or any music on. Again I found a card in the hall saying they had tried to deliver and no one was in.

I often receive parcels from other delivery firms and always hear them knock so either they didn't knock or knocked very quietly.

I am actually quite concerned that it didn't appear to be an adult delivering. My husband and I just did a check with him walking past our window and me sitting in the same chair and I could see his head and shoulders clearly whereas I only saw the top of the head of this presumed City Link person and my husband is only 5 foot 4. At the time I took it to be a child. The drivers name is Patrick so maybe it was a leprechaun!

Seriously, though I am livid as my son now has to make a 64 mile round trip when someone was in the house on both occasions.

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