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Great company! Excellent products! 10 out of 10!

Don't waste your money in supermarkets. I have been using musclefoods for several months now. Musclefoods is much cheaper end of. Lidl is where I used to buy chicken breast at (6.99/kg) - this is cheaper than tesco etc. But Musclefoods chicken breast is even cheaper at only £5/kg! A saving of nearly 30%! The quality of the chicken is hands down better than any supermarket chicken with no added water or salt. It is also very lean so very little need to trim before cooking. I have also bought a lot of the beef mince which at 5% fat is leaner than any supermarket mince I have found not to mention being much cheaper. The british rump steaks are vacuum sealed and really good quality and cost less than £3 a steak if you buy 10- at least 30% cheaper than anything you would find in a supermarket of similar quality. I recieved a free ranch seasoning with my last order which I used to season my chicken before cooking- really nice and one sachet was enough to cover 5kg of chicken breast which I cook in one go in the oven before freezing in portions. Will definitely order more next time. All comes really well packaged and if I am not home the courrier will leave it in my porch while I'm at work and it is still perfectly chilled when I get home due to the ice packs. I will be trying some different meats with my next order, turkey, veal etc-hugely important to vary your protein sources ie not just chicken all day every day :)

To summarise, a great company which I would reccommend not just to anyone on a muscle building diet, but also to families etc who could save so much money if they switched to buying their meat from musclefoods rather than from supermarkets.

I would love to see more fish in future eg fresh salmon (smoked salmon already available) and understand tuna is coming soon :)

Many thanks to Martin and the Musclefoods team! Keep up the good work!

01 April 2013

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Hi George,

Thanks for your great review!! It's great to hear that we're saving you money and the quality is still there, I agree you do need to vary your diet when so it's great to hear that you'll be ordering other meats to. I'll pass on your comments about the Fish as I'd like to see Fish on the site too.

All the best,

Muscle Food

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