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Failed Delivery, Refusal to Accept Liability and Increasingly Poor Communication = Atrocious Customer Service!

I ordered a parcel from DrinksDirect consisting of several dessert wines to be delivered to my girlfriend at her address slightly more than a month ago. However, after 2 weeks without any delivery, I realised that something was remiss, and checked the parcel tracking link. To my astonishment, it said that the parcel had already been delivered at a time and date when my girlfriend and her friends were still at home. I immediately contacted DrinksDirect via email to inform them that delivery had not been made, and also checked with the neighbours if they had taken delivery of the parcel (which they hadn't).

I was informed by DrinksDirect that delivery had been taken by a male, despite the fact that the only male tenant at the address was not present at the time of delivery. Additionally, it was clear that the delivery man had not made the effort to ensure that the parcel was delivered and signed for by the correct person. Funnily enough, DrinksDirect responded that "The delivery driver is adamant that the delivery of the order was made to the correct delivery address. They have also checked the GPS details logged when the order was delivered and they have advised that the GPS records confirm delivery at the address specified with the order" DESPITE evidence to the contrary (delivery was supposedly taken by a male WHO COULD NOT HAVE BEEN PRESENT). Additionally, there were 4 female tenants in the house who can stand witness that no doorbell was rung and no delivery was made.

There were repeated attempts to convey the message that we had not taken any delivery, and repeated refusals by DrinksDirect to take any responsibility for the failed delivery (by insisting that the delivery had been made DESPITE the lack of a proper signature or any concrete proof that the delivery had been made to the correct address and that "We require any losses or damages to be reported within 3 days after delivery"). During this time, there was a noted delay in responding to my emails (4 in 2 weeks without even an acknowledgement of receipt), almost as though DrinksDirect hoped that I would forget about this issue.

After a full month of increasingly frustrating communication, I have sent DrinksDirect a formal letter of complaint (dated 19th March) asking for either the delivery of the parcel or a refund. It is at this point where there is a clear demonstration of DrinksDirect's standard of customer service, or rather, lack thereof; There has been no response to my letter, no acknowledgement of receipt and no communication from them for 2 weeks now.

I am now out of pocket for over 80 pounds and was not able to enjoy the wines which I had ordered for a very special event. DrinksDirect has blatantly ignored my claim and has not dealt with this failed delivery satisfactorily. For these reasons and those stated above, I have made this complaint a matter of public record.

Buyer Beware; it is all well and fine if the couriers made the delivery to the correct address, and if someone from your household takes the delivery for you. But if there is a failed delivery, DrinksDirect WILL take you for a ride and WILL ignore your claim.

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