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Royal Mail


Had money expertly sliced out of an envelope containing a birthday card to my niece , it had been so carefully done that the only way that my sister in law. Even knew that any money had been taken was due to the note that luckily was still with the card telling my niece to get yourself something with the money .
Apparently this problem is now very common inside Royal Mail so much so that one person a day is sacked inside this outfit . DO NOT trust these people with you're hard earned even if you do try to complain these clowns will try you're patience to the extreme and fob you off with another internal investigation


Do not use yet

Bought a pentax k30 from Oxford st today but was told on trying to pay that my bank card had been declined by the till ... Very od .. Pay with a c card instead. Alls fine . Upon checking with my bank there is no probs with my card and on top of this the 50.00 cash back we were told was on this product by the lad in shop is out of date and we cannot claim . Whilst trying to buy bundles with this camera we found out they don't have stock of any memory cards AT ALL bearing in mind this is a camera shop this is unacceptable . Ok so we saw this Peter jones clown on tv spouting on how he is going to turn this dinosaur around well He hasn't YET and I would urge you to not waist you're time and money in their stores until this clown puts his money and more importantly his time into getting things right . Today he pissed of the wrong consumer .watch this space.

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