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David Shuttle

An enjoyable way to spend money!!

I found the website easy to use and had no difficulty completing my order. My only surprise was that the payment didn't leave my account that day or the next - I requested a specific day delivery 4 days after order - a quick call to check if there was a problem sorted that one out - payment to be collected at the time of dispatch. Goods arrived in perfect condition exactly when expected. As simple and perfect a transaction as possible to have.


No Excess Insurance - just exclusions which need a 600 euro deposit !!!

Arrived at Tenerife airport around 7pm and joined the queue at Goldcar Rentals to pick up my rental arranged by TravelJigsaw...approximately 2 hours later I got the keys to a car. The average time to serve a customer was about 20 minutes and despite everybody having prepaid vouchers most bearing the TravelJigsaw logo (so rental numbers must have been known in advance) there were only 2 staff serving after around 7.30pm. The reason for the length of time to serve each customer became apparent when we were told that despite the No excess insurance there were exclusions to the insurance and our choice was to pay a 600 euro deposit or take out additional insurance at a cost of 8.50 euro per day. Amazingly not one person was aware of this prior to getting to the desk (perhaps because this not insignificant piece of information is buried in the small print half way down page 2 of the Confirmation Voucher and certainly didn't appear with any prominence in the booking process) and most people were not unsurprisingly unhappy with the options. Also amazing how the cost for the tank of petrol people were expecting to pay for was 1.40 euro per litre against pump prices around 1.14 euro per litre. As for the car it was clean on the outside but dirty inside. If I hadn't been so tired and worried about getting to our accommodation and not least because the queue was still several people long behind me I would have spent some time voicing my displeasure to the staff on it is I will settle for telling you my experience and will vote with my wallet by not using again.

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