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Solid and Undemanding

I have a Pay as you Go account. I use my mobile about twice a year. I do not have to top up unless I have used up my time. O2 have never pressured me to change my useage. I use their service sparingly, it has always worked first time, and they leave me alone to get on with it. I could not wish for more.


Am I rating it or me? Both, I believe.

I was pulled into Facebook by an email from someone who wanted me to be his 'friend'. He was already my friend, so I had no idea what he was going on about, however I followed the link, intending to give him some click to confirm rather than ignore him, but found I actually had to Join the thing to do so. I was tempted to phone him to say 'nothing personal, but you're going to have to accept that i am your friend, without my having to join some official club in order to prove it to you'.

However, I decided to join, in the unlikely event that it might be in any way of interest to me.

That seemed to put me on some kind of a map, and I was soon getting emails from more people wanting me to be their 'friend'. Each time, I had to find and apply my login details in order to validate the friendship I thought they already had with me. After a few months, these interruptions began to dwindle, and I only have to log in about once every three months.

Occasionally, I am told that people have 'written things on my wall', so I log in. It is a lot of effort to do things which can more easily be done by phone, email or forum. Worse still, I seem to be in the centre of irrelevant, even idiotic information trying to grap my attention of my clicks. Somebody was desperate to get a virtual ingredient to make a virtual cocktail in order to get a virtual-bartenders' certificate. What collyrot! But I wincingly and, I admit, patronizingly decided to click to assist them in their pointless ambition; and found that to do so, I had to liberate my entire address book to the organizers of the virtual bar, presumably so that I become implicated in spreading this.

Therefore, I go on Facebook only when I am called, am unimpressed each time, and I log off ASAP.

There are, however, many millions of people who like spending time on it - it obviously 'works'. Even some of my real-life friends tell me that it helps them to 'keep in touch'.

When reviewing, I typically feel secure and confident that I am assessing the quality of a 'thing in itself'. But, regarding Facebook, I realise I am reviewing a product which works, but which I have no interest in, like a chicken-sexing kit. The serious difference between Facebook and chicken-sexing kits, both fo which, I assume, achieve their objectives, is that the latter does not force itself into my awareness, nor recruit my friends to be part of its marketing.

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Good in my area ... my 5 star rating needs explanation

There are a spread of ratings for Virginmedia. I am a fanboy, but a curious one. 10 Years ago, my supplier was Telewest. Telewest always gave me magnificent service in terms of promptness of response to tech issues, also in terms of recognizing long record of prompt payment and being very lenient and flexible those few times i have had to delay payment. When Virginmedia bought up Telewest, the old infrastructure remained. Telewest people were still providing the same quality. I therefore give five stars. I am assuming that there were other providers, of varying levels of efficiencey, which were taken over by Virgin, and that varying reviews reflect the old providers.

If so, then the best way to assess Virginmedia is to get info of their service standards in Your local area.

It would also be helpful if Virginmedia, themselves could confirm that they are 'covering' a variety of old providers' infrastructures.

So, this is a review written by a fanboy, but I hope it is a fair and realistic one. Best wishes.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Best price, Prompt, Well-packed.

I am a singer, and vocalzone lozenges are one of the tools of my trade. They are typically overpriced and my Google Searches took me to places which, even if the initial price looked good, would sting me for postage.

Chemist Direct had no sting. The price and postage were fair and the total was therefore lower than the best apparent deals. Three days after ordering, my parcel arrived. 10 packs of fresh Vocalzones. Chemist Direct will be one of the first places I look at when I need my next consignment, because they have scored a point in earning my trust that they seek to make square deals rather than killings.

PC Specialist Ltd

Great communicators and flexible to my individual needs. Delivered well within time-frame. Great-Support.

I waited a whole before writing this review. 13 weeks of rigorous use without problems is enough for me to feel comfortable to write the following recommendation:

Bad health had stopped me from building my own, or this would have been my fourth. I had initially felt wary of letting anyone else touch the tech that I depend on. I soon realised they were as excited about building a great computer as I was to have one.

What comes across is genuine enthusiasm for the computers they build. There was NOTHING 'Box-Shifty' about anyone I spoke with - they are a building full of die-hard geeks.

The guys at PCSpecialist bent over backwards to cater to my specific music-recording needs. If I wanted to add or substitute parts which were not on their standard stock, I was welcome to do so.

There was always someone at the end of the telephone line to help me double-check the specs I had chosen, and also to hand-hold me in the first day of having the computer as I found my sound card was not installing properly. Note: that was above and beyond the call of duty ... that sound card was nothing to do with them, but they still talked me through troubleshooting procedures and within half an hour, everything was working well.

I had decided to go for the full three-year 'collect-return-parts'n'labour' warrantee. Including that, the price came to slightly more than I would have spent if I had bought the parts myself. And I am including in that the huge Corsair case I bought full price from eBuyer and had shipped to their PCSpecialist's factory. My point here is that the price was not 'cut-corners-knockdown', but it was as inexpensive as the other English 'computerbuild' providers and a no-brainer decision when I took into account that THEY would burn it in for 24 hours .... ie keep it under stress in a hot room ... and that if it had failed that test, then THEY'D have done/replaced whatever was necessary to make it pass the test before sending it to me.

As it happens, it did pass the test first time, and they sent it to me next day. 27 August 2010 is when it arrived. Here I am at the 7th December, it has been on 24/7 running cool all the while ... my temperature monitor is always on.

I enjoyed writing this review

Best wishes, and thanks to the PCSpecialist team.

Update April 11th 1012

One year and eight months has passed since it arrived. It has been always on - 24/7 except for one week's holiday and reboots demanded by Windows Update, and one period of an hour when I was installing a new PCIe soundcard to replace the one I installed (with PC Specialist's above-and-beyond hand-holding) when I first got the computer.

This update might ahve been more useful if I'd had some niggling fault with which I could give an anecdote about their good after-sales service, but that opportunity has, happily, been denied me. The computer has worked flawlessly. I did initially feel very reassured by their overnight 'burn in' process, whereby they push the machine to its limits before sending it to me, so any weak links would be found by them first. Their confidence in sending it to me has been confirmed and I am more than halfway toward expiration of my optional 3 year guarantee. When I compare the stability of this machine with my previous ones, then at the moment, I am certain that when I need my next computer, I will ask PC specialist to build it. I will give further update next year. Best wishes.

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A guy who believes that the articulate and critical user/customer provides confirmation to those providers whose advertising messages are simple statement of the facts about their product and service.

And conversely, weeds out and shares news of inaccuracies.