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Couldn't get a straight answer.

I placed my order on 3/31/13 which was Easter Sunday. I expected it not to be processed until Monday/Tuesday. Tuesday I received a call from SW needing to verify my CC information, which was fine. I asked if the order would leave Tues or Wed and could not get a definite answer. Thursday...still no tracking, Friday....Still no tracking, I called and was informed that my order would leave Monday (no explanation as to why) Monday...no tracking, I sent an email via the help desk, received an email on Tuesday afternoon that it would leave that day and I would receive tracking within 24 hours. Wednesday...Tracking arrived. The order did not leave until Wednesday So this puts me at a total of 2 weeks to get my order. The part that bothered me is no one would give me an explanation as to why it took so long, even though I had asked a few times. The prices are good and so are the products, and I have friends who swear by this company....but I myself am unsure of weather or not I will use them again. Communication is very important to me and I got a lot of (text book responses or standard responses if you will)

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