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TalkTalk Customer Services should be Customer Dis-services.

Broadband service from TalkTalk was pathetic. I could sometimes get 6 MB/s but evenings and weekends I was lucky to get 1 MB/s, it was often much less and totally useless. I contacted Customer Services on many occasions but always ended up being told that the problem was congestion and there was nothing they could do about it. So at the end of last year I cancelled my contract and went to another ISP. They, coincidentally, using the same exchange, same copper wires and no more money manage to provide me with better than 10 MB/s which doesn't fall off in the evening or at weekends. Anyway, TalkTalk sent me a final bill which shows a credit due to me with instructions to contact Customer Services to arrange repayment to me of the credit. On three occasions now, staff in Customer Services have told me that they have processed a refund cheque, only for me to discover later that their cashiers have dis-allowed the cheque a day or two later. They won't provide any reason for cancellation. So as well as being a terrible service provider, their staff seem prepared to lie to avoid paying money due to a customer. I don't know how they are allowed to get away with it but my recommendation is don't have anything to do with them, nor their colleagues in Carphone Warehouse. Unfortunately I have awarded them one star above but only because your system will not allow me to select no stars.

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