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Worst experience EVER with an online shop!

Remember there was a movie with Tom Hanks - The Money Pit. He bought a really cheap good-looking house but after that everything started to fall appart and he realized that it was broken, and it costed him not only money but time, relationship and more to fix it.
Using this site -, is the same experience! You are dragged by the cheap price, but what you receive is comparable only to nightmare.

I ordered Diablo III RoS yesterday. Got confirmation mail that I will need to provide information back - like ID scan, photo and such. Usual practice of such websites because they are targeted by scammers and credit card/paypal frauds. I do understand in someway their intentions. So I did provide what they wanted. Of course removing the sensitive information.

2h passed and still no key. So I decided to contact their "24/7" support. Oooo My God! What a terrible support!!! After-sale, Pre-sale - the same person!!!! Only one person! And I waited for like 25 mins before I received an answer. The answer was and I quote since I saved the conversation: - "plz hold on". Wait what? You are telling me to wait more? I waited and my frustration was getting high. While I waited I had time to look through their website. There is NO and I will state it again so everybody can read it NO INFORMATION if this is real company!!!! 2 phones listed, couple of mails and that's it. Looks like complete scam. So I got an answer from the nice lady - Amy Lee who was really bad with English. She told me to send a picture of me holding the ID (only my hand holding the ID). I did. Then asked me to send the address. I did. Of course again removing all sensitive information.

And you can't imagine what she told me next - plz send this to (yes I do hope spammers will go to this e-mail!!!!). I asked why not checking the (spammers target here too pls). Because she doesn't have access to this mail. Wait how is this possible? The support doesn't have access to the support mail inbox? Are you kidding me? For Real?

But wait, before I had even time to say something she wrote - Can you contact us after 30 mins. My shift is over and we are restarting the system.... I was like ??!?!?!?!?!?!?! Couldn't believe it at all. And imagine - she even closed the chat!!!!!

I was astonished by this rudeness so I fired up my phone and started dialing the two numbers listed in their website under contact us section. Yes, if you've red until here you would know that nobody picked the damn phones!!!! The second one actually connects you through some kind of a modem. Hope it's not a scam telephone number, but hey my bill will come soon so I will update you. I didn't give up of course.

Went to their site and opened a dispute with them for refund. But while waiting and believe me it was around 20 mins I decided to contact the support again. This time Nicole answered (again after 15 mins of waiting 2 people before me). I explained gave order information and what she replied back was amazing - what country are you in - I gave it to her. But you made the purchase from another country. Wait what? Another country? Then I remembered that I really made the purchase from another country. My working laptop uses VPN to connect to Intranet and Internet and probably was because of that. And for the second chat I moved to my own laptop. Anyway made a whois gave her the IP and she said - plz send the ID to I was again really frustrated because this was total bull@hit. But I sensed it was close to finally get my key and sent the info there. After around 10 mins she replied - we approve. Wait what? Approved? Did I read that correctly? And ta daaa my key was in my inbox. I couldn't believe it!
It took me 6h hours, 100 of phone calls to phones which nobody picks up, 2 chats (3 in total because on the first one my i-net connection dropped me), sending photos to mails and a looooooooooooot of nerves to get it. Compared to their statement that key is usually sent in 10 mins! Total lie! Just a lie!
So if you want to go through all the above, please head on to their site and order a key. Just remember, your life will be a lot shorter after that because of the nerves you've spent with this so called merchant!


Can it get better?

I'll keep it simple. You order - you get what you ordered on the right time. That's it. No hassle, no issues, no additional or hidden cost. Simple as that ... Recommending to anyone.

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