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I can't recommend Solopress enough

I've used Solopress a few times and almost every delivery has gone like clockwork.

Last week we had a problem with a delivery. Nothing is perfect after all. It was an annoyance and I informed Solopress that this was the case.

Their response was immediate, professional and exactly what was called for.

I've used around 5 suppliers in the past and I understand that mistakes occur. What has made me end relationships with previous suppliers was their response when problems arose. Fudging, avoiding responsibility and when they finally respond and accept liability, a begrudging penny pinching that sours everything.

Solopress are a breath of fresh air. They understood immediately what had gone wrong, the impact it had and the correct response.

I have recommended Solopress many times in the past and will continue to do so.

It really is a rarity to have a relationship with such a trustworthy company.

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