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Simply Electronics Ltd.

disgraceful and inefficient service!!

I have ordered a Nikon D5200 and a Tamron lens B008 on 13th March 2013 and till now I haven't received it. The order has remained with the same status for a couple of days now (order awaiting dispatch). Although I have been promised that my order is flagged as priority because of the long overdue, they can't give me a dispatch date because they told me it's very unclear. I'm so fed up because it was supposed to arrive within 14 days. They have always replied to my email but still isn't enough for me. I have been trying to contact customer care as well but nobody is answering. I really have a bad feeling about all of this. And i would never order from this company again. I have ordered from UK for several times but never had this kind of problems with delays

9/4/13 Thanks for your feedback Vanessa but the thing is that I'm still waiting. It's almost a month now and I've lost a lot of important occasions while waiting for my order to arrive. This has caused me a lot of inconvenience. While the correspondence by email was good,I can't say that regarding the efficiency in delivering orders. My patience has a limit you know and if you won't make up for all this incompetence I wouldn't order from your site again. I'm waiting for order to be dispatched by mid week, that's tomorrow and so I hope that it will actually happen. I have spent quite a lot of money on my order, better take care of it.

10/04/13 This morning I received an email saying that they still have no dispatch date as they are waiting for item to be replaced as it was damaged!!! This is so disgraceful !! I have never been informed that the item was damaged in any of the correspondence and have been waiting for a whole month. This is such a bad service. I will definitely never try to order from this site again and I tried to keep my hopes up that all will be delivered ok and with no hassles but this experience was a nightmare. This was a total flop. I really needed the camera and lens urgently and have lost a lot while waiting for it to be dispatched. Be careful guys before ordering from this site.....true the price is cheaper than other places but the hard time they've put me through it's not worth it.

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05 April 2013

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Lorraine,

I am looking into your order now, and will provide updates on here once I've got a more solid date on dispatch times. Apologies for the delays experienced in the lead up to the Easter holidays.


Vanessa Carroll

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