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Computer Shopper-magazine

Magazine is OK but advertisers come before readers

Following reading a few reviews of Mesh Computers in Computer Shopper (CS) and seeing they had been awarded CS's PC Computer Manufacturer of the Year decided to place an order with Mesh - big big mistake.

I emailed both the editor and the review editor about how they reached their decision given that I found I'm not alone with lots of reviews around for Mesh's poor customer service. Yes I should have check out trustpilot and dooyoocommunity for the views of buyers.

Anyway - abolutely nothing from CS's editorial staff - not even an acknowledgement of my email. As Mesh usually have 4 - 6 pages of adverts in it's obvious where their loyalties lie and it's not with their readers.


About as good as it gets

I've got a couple of accounts with O2 but with Blackberry handsets.

Offered the best deals I could find and service has been first rate. Dealt with their customer services a few time when looking to upgrade handsets/review accounts and service was first rate.


Overall - a very satisfactory service

Having been badly let down by another company - I needed to get hold of a decent spec gaming PC at fairly short notice. So I did the research online and found one on PC World which had a good spec and an OK price.

Although my local store didn't have one in stock - they placed the order on Thursday and the PC was delivered on Monday. Given the state of the roads and the snow I was pretty well impressed.

The only downside was I couldn't get a discount on a £1200 PC instore. A little irksome particularly as later research turned up an online voucher code for £100 off. Just goes to show you should always haggle and never accept the first refusal.


Run Away Run Away

Trully appalling customer services. I ordered a PC middle of October following assurances it would be delivered by early November - it wasn't.

After chasing them for a delivery date for another two and a bit weeks - finally lost patience and cancelled my order and asked for a refund.

It then took another two weeks, three phone calls and three emails to get confirmation of cancellation. As it apparently takes Mesh up to 30 working days to refund still waiting for my money!

Awarded 1* because I can't given 0 or probably -5* would be a better reflection of their poor, poor and I mean poor level of customer service.

Mazuma Mobile

A Flawless Performance

The prices were comparable with the other sites I checked.

Parcels turned up as expected and more importantly the monely was here within three days of sending off the phones.

This is my first dealings with a company like Mazumamobile and I have to say I was impressed.

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Hi my Dave, mid-50s don't how that happened - in the words of the Boss - in the blink of a young girls' eye!

Two childern: Charlotte is at Stirling University and Adam is doing A levels.

I live in the North East.

And I hate poor poor customer services and hence the need to vent my anger, fustration, annoyance etc on sites like this.