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Dreadful Service in Branch and at Customer Services

My husband and I arrived just before 10:30 at North Walsham branch, having decided to have a coffee and something to eat in the cafeteria before doing our shopping. I bought two coffees and a pastry, and ordered scrambled egg on toast. I waited, waited and waited. I was the ONLY person in the cafeteria with a number indicator for cooked food on the table, so there was no backlog. I kept looking at my watch and at the girl behind the counter. She could see I was waiting an unacceptable length of time, but did nothing. Eventually, after over 15 minutes, the scrambled egg was put in front of me, without a word of apology for the wait. By this time I had long finished my coffee, which was obvious, but nothing was said at all. The scrambled egg was disgusting! It was so pale I initially thought it was just egg white. Then I ate some. It was dry and tasteless. I left it, it was so inedible. My husband tasted it and agreed it was awful. The only thing worth eating on the plate was the tomatoes. So £3.95 totally wasted.

We then did our shopping. When we wheeled our trolley to the checkout, there were only 3 tills open, and one of them had a “till closing” sign to stop anyone using it. So only two checkouts were operating, the queues were getting longer and longer, and customers were complaining. I looked at my watch, it was 11:45. I deliberately made very loud comments of complaint, and eventually a passing member of staff heard and got someone to open another till. However, this was the one that had the “till closing” sign stopping customers using it. When the sign was taken away, I immediately moved from my position as next in the queue for the till at the next checkout, when a woman appeared from nowhere with a trolley and pushed in front of me. This was clearly seen by the checkout operator, but he did nothing. He just allowed her to put her items on the conveyor without saying anything about her rudeness, such as “there are other customers before you madam.” By the time my husband and I got through the checkout, it was 11:58. After I got home, I phoned the 0800 number to complain. After hanging on for SEVEN MINUTES, being told continually that I was fourth in the queue, I gave up and rang the store. I was most unimpressed with the duty manager I dealt with, and the following day I EMailed a letter of complaint to customer services.

From them to now (4 days later), I have had no response other than to say they will be doing nothing about my complaint until next week, and only then after I telephoned to ask what was going on.

Waitrose are clearly going the way of other supermarkets, and are not the customer focussed company they profess to be.


True Shoe Review

I ordered the shoes one day, and they came the next. Brilliant service.

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