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Complete Care Shop

Accurate description of the item. Perfect condition and supper fast delivery

I searched for almost a day on the net and could not find any slings that match my mothers requirement and budget. I come across this sling and the price was perfect. When it arrived we were surprised with the fantastic quality of the sling and the speed that it was delivered. Highly recommend this company and will by more mobility aids from them in the future. Thanks for a perfect service.

Optical Express

A cowboy company. Keep well away. I had to involve the police to get any refund.

I was contacted by optical express by phone many times telling me that there is a surgical procedure to cure my vision. I kept asking them if they are certain of that as I only have glasses for reading. Anyway they assured me that there was and an appointment was made in November 2012 with their consultant. I drove from Long Eaton to optical express shop in Derby and after five minutes of filling forms they told that there is no sugical procedures to correct my vision but I obviously need glasses (how sly are these people). I had my eyes tested and I kept telling them that I drive over 10 hours daily for living and it is very important that I have full field of vision. They sold two pairs of vary focal glasses to me and I paid them £539.00. After two weeks they arrived and I put them on, they seems alright. As I drove home I realised that I had focused vision only in front of me and simple task of negotiating round abouts and looking in the side mirrors with blurred vision was impossible and I had to turn my head round so much that my neck started hurting me. The next day I put them on and within two hours I began to have headache. So I took them off. This went on for a week when I took them back and took the manager of the shop that I would like a refund. He told me that I should contact their head office and arrange for a refund. I did that and I was contacted by the manager of Derby optical express to go down and have my eyes tested to find out why I get headache. At the test they readjusted the frame and I was told to wear them for two weeks and then go back. I had two weeks of headaches and went to my appointment. I asked for a refund and this time they took the glasses of me and told me that the refund will be in my credit account by 28 days. I travelled overseas and returned in late March when I realised that no refund was paid into my credit account. I rang the manager of Derby optical express and told him that I would go to the shop so that he can arrange for the refund, he told me that if I go to the shop he will throw me out of the shop. So I went to the shop on 2nd April 2013 and asked for my refund, he called Westfield security and had me removed from the shop. I called 101 and asked for police. Two police officers arrived while Westfield security was standing around me. The police officers managed to convince the manager to pay the refund. I went back with the police officers and a refund was paid to my credit account. WHY NOT DO THIS IN THE FIRST TIME some three month ago. I went home and checked my statements and realised that they have not refunded me the full amount. So I am trying to contact the police officers to accompany me back to the shop to find out why!!!!! The lesson for anybody reading this is do not go to optical express even if you have to use their toilets.

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