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ive used this site a few times to buy my dog his heart meds. I had 6 tablets left so i ordered 90 more knowing i had one more order on the persricption, a week later still hadnt recieved them and i had to buy 5 tablets from the vet at a cost of £12 i phoned 365vet to find out what had happened to my order and i was told that the persricption had run out which i knew was not the case,when the lady on the other end of the phone checked she found that i was correct and said that my order would be sent out that day. I had no email sent to me telling me that my order had not been sent if i had been told i would have phoned earlier and not have to pay out more money because of someone elses mistake so who ever that person was i think they need to go to spec savers and get some glasses or at least say sorry to me for the error

04 April 2013

Reply from Beeston Animal Health

Dear Sandra Sodeau
I am sorry that you have had a bad experience using 365vet on one occasion, i am sure you can appreciate that no system is foolproof and indeed human error cannot be totally erradicated although we do strive for efficiency and value our usually exceptional customer satisfaction very highly. As you say yourself you have used us several times and this is the only disappointing experience. By way of an apology we are happy to reimburse you the cost of the tablets purchased from your vet if you send us the receipt, i hope this will do some way to restoring good relations.
Regards 365vet

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