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Fantastic support

I've dealt with a number of hosting companies however TSO's support is truly unrivaled.

They are always available, happy to help and very knowledgeable.

User interface is quick and easy to use.

Pricing is very competitive at only £5 for up to 6 websites.

ONLY reservation is TSO host say they have optimised wordpress hosting however I don't think this is optimised in the same sense of ZippyKid or WPengine (because magento and other platforms are installed on the same server?) - but then again those companies are more than 10x the price so can't really complain!



Chaucer Covers/ Chaucer Auctions / Chaucer Collections Spam Email Addresses — AVOID

This shambolic company which goes by the name of Chaucer Auctions, Chaucer Covers or Chaucer Collections continue to spam my email address even though:

1. I never registered with them
2. I clicked the 'unsubscribe' link on their email

I have emailed them twice to request they stop spamming me however they haven't bothered to reply. I was going to call but the only phone number listed on their budget website is a premium rate 0845 number.



Untrustworthy. Unreliable. Incompetent and Rude.

I signed up for a re-seller hosting account with Heart Internet and was paying £30 per month. Within 3 months I experience severe performance and customer service issues.

All my (and my clients) websites went down simultaneously. One of my biggest clients called me (outraged) as he (and many others) were missing out on vital sales.

I issued a support ticket to Heart Internet immediately however I was bluntly advised by the incompetent, yet arrogant Heart Internet rep that it had nothing to do with Heart Internet at all.

After hours of back and forth a Heart Internet manager finally admitted their engineers had 'broken something' while doing updates to their systems and 'assured' me I was not the only one affected.

I apologised to all my clients for Heart Internet's critical mistake and the issue was resolved.

THE FOLLOWING WEEK the same thing happened.

Long story short; I requested to cancel my contract because they did not meet my (very reasonable) expectations. They refused. They failed to see the logic and said they want their money. Every penny of it.

Heart Internet continued to debit my credit card without my permission. I had to call my bank to have the charges reversed for unauthorised transactions by Heart Internet and to cancel my debit card.

Heart Internet are now regularly posting me threatening letters demanding payment in full (approx £100) for a service which they failed to provide.

This is the first review I have ever felt compelled to write. I hope it serves you well.

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