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Absolute Joke

I ordered a bike from Tesco direct for my partner's birthday which was on the Saturday. When I clicked to pay it gave me 2 options... 1. To click and collect in store on that same Saturday after 4pm or 2. Pay for express delivery and receive it BY Saturday. As we were going to Chester for the weekend on the Saturday morning (and taking the bike with us to cycle the trails) I decided to pay for it to be delivered, thinking I would get it before or at least on her birthday.

I continued to check the tracking over the next few days and in the early hours of Friday morning it stated they had received it at their service depot. Brilliant! Right on time! On the Saturday morning (the day of my partner's birthday) I explained to my partner that unfortunately her gift hadn't arrived but would hopefully arrive before we left for Chester.

At 3pm we could wait in no longer and set off for Chester without the bike. Just as we turned out of our street we spotted a Yodel delivery van on the next street!! I pulled up and asked the delivery guy if he had my parcel. The answer was a big fat NO, that he did all deliveries in the area and if he didn't have it it meant I would probably receive it on Monday. Great!

I decided enough was enough and there was no way I was going to disappoint my partner on her birthday and drove the 30 minute journey to the service depot. When I explained to one of the guys at the depot my situation he said, "yeah I'll just get it for you". As easy as that?? I asked him if I hadn't of picked it up myself, when would it have been delivered and he said, "probably Tuesday"!! Why then, wasn't my parcel in the van that was one street away from my address? The van that usually delivers around that area? And why did I pay for express delivery just to have to pick it up myself? I asked the guy who I should request a refund for the delivery charge from and he just shrugged his shoulders. He didn't give a sh*t.

By the time I finally got the bike it was 4pm.... I could have picked up the god damn bike from Tesco for FREE! What a joke. The last thing I ordered online was "delivered" by Yodel and I had to go to the service depot for that too as they kept saying they had made attempts to deliver it when they hadn't.

No self respecting company should use Yodel if they care anything about their customers. Any future purchases I make where Yodel is the delivery service... I will be asking for a refund straight away and shopping elsewhere.

EDIT: And whilst I was in the depot waiting for the guy to get my parcel, a van pulled up and the delivery guy started emptying what I assumed were the undeliverables. But instead of doing this gently in case there was anything valuable in there... he lobbed them 6 foot in the air into a metal cage. If your parcel arrived broken, you now no why.

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