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Completely pointless company

I have been with giffgaff for almost a year and have had nothing but trouble with their services for a number of reasons. I have had many issues with reception, and, on 3 occassions been left without calls, texts and/or internet for over 48 hours due to a number of still yet unexplained issues that are shrugged off with 'technical difficulties'.
Communication timescale is set in the 1940's where it takes 24 hours minimum to have a question answered as communication with giffgaff is by email only. This can be tedious because if you have an ongoing issue, this can take up to and in some cases over a week to correct. I have lost all enthusiasm for giffgaff as they have cut off my internet indefinitely after an incorrect email sent to myself accusing me of tethering due to excessive data usage.
To take an extra bite of the biscuit, giffgaff have not replied to my message demanding a reinstatement of my services or a full refund.
I have info that Virgin Mobile are doing a truly unlimited package (to include tethering) at a very competative price to giffgaffs tariffs. This is my personal view and an account of my own experiences as a once loyal customer to giffgaff.

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