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Good Company, Good Workers, Few Mistakes

Ok, I'll start off by saying that the website is very well organized, each product has most of the information you need, but some of it is completely wrong, either done as a scam to rip off customers or they're just plain mistakes. The gun's fps and range are over exaggerated to persuade the customer into buying from them. The prices on the website are decent, especiall with lower quality guns, but if you are going to buy a more expensive gun, for example around £150+, you are better off buying off a different website as their prices are more reasonable.

I bought a gun from their website; the SRC MP5. I payed £135 for it and what did I get? A faulty gun, my first time ever recieving a bad gun from them. I sent it back the next day, except I drove there instead of delivering it there. Why? So I would make sure I don't get another faulty gun. I got an SRC G36 as a replacement when I got there, but they didn't let me test it there. Suspicious, isn't it? I arrived home and surprisingly, the gun was faulty, AGAIN! I called them and complained, they said that they would test my NEW replacement gun, the SRC AK47; so they did. I went back to their warehouse a few days later and picked it up, I asked for a free bottle of bb pellets because of all the trouble I had, but honestly, 2 trips there and back and I only get 1 bottle of bb's? It wasn't worth it. The SRC AK-47 they gave me was actually a very nice gun, very good performances, if only I didn't have to go through the trouble to get it. Apart from the travelling, the SRC AK-47 was great.

I would still consider buying from Just BB Guns, even though I had problems. It might have just been that 1 time they messed up an order, but from my recent experience I would rate it a 7/10.

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