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Sometimes they can be really fast or slow but not really slow.
Lately there customer services have seemed to have improved a lot better with clear ways to contact them including friendly people on online chat.
If something has gone wrong with the parcel, I get an email telling me that they are unable to gain access to the property. So its not their fault.

I know myHermes is a courier used by musicMagpie and I have had trouble with them when they have done that. (They broke my garage door picking up an item....but was fully compensated.)


Good laptops at good price

Compaq is a subsidiary of HP, and they sell cheap laptops what are not bad build quality and specs. They arnt really big because of the price people just walk past them and don't even bother looking at the specs.
Had laptop for 1 year now but only had one problem when the fan went but that was might fault I dropped it.


Great company

I brought a Kodak ESP 1.2 or something like that Printer. It cost me £60. I invested more in a printer because the ink is cheaper and well I am well happy with it. It can be a bit slow and noisy but don't really care to be honest. Great product.



TV - Great TiVo Service
Mobile - Bad bad bad bad
Phone - Its a great phoneline

Internet - We are asking trading standers now to see if we can take them to court. There not listing, there hanging up the phone on us, etc. all because they mis sold something to us. What they admitted but wont do nothing about it.


I am just surprised they have a review page

^ as the title says why. But I have no problems with it, although they do take lots of information what I wish they did not have.



Great company, easy to use. The APP is great for scanning in the CD's, DVD's and Games that you have. But as always they could give you more money.

The courier service is great but in my area they use Herms which they get kids to do it most of the time? One went in our garage but they 'read the wrong instructions'. But I had no problems as there was nothing in there


No one go with these people

They are confusing, rude and it is all complicated. Why can't I give it no stars!

I have moved over to HSBC now and it is sooooo much better

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I have had no problems

I see all these bad reviews but mine has been fine. The good thing is the customer service and the online banking is the easiest one out of the banks I have used to far but there could be less clutter.

Very secure as I have soooo many security questions and pins.



Giffgaff is great, it winds me up that people are giving it bad reviews. You should know when you sign up that there is no customer service and you have to go to the community to ask for help. There is at least 2000 people online at any given time to help you out. But why do people do it? Because they get payed money for helping, some get £100 some get £1000. Also yer you have to change some settings if you want internet but that is the Phone makers fault, giffgaff is not recognised as an official network.

Also if you want £5 free credit go here:

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