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City Link

Time wasting ignorant A holes

Absolute time wasting momkeys !!!! I was waiting for a parcel the day I knew it was coming so as you do I jumper up at every car i hear to look out the window. So the time came a van pulled up and I could see a little parcel what I thought to be mine.... well apparently not as the courier took this parcel round the side houses ( i live in a cul de sac) Well I just thought it might be delivered tomorow, so tomorow comes and me and my partner think we will just check see if its still coming.... Ohhhh no its already been signed for apparently but when I rang citylink they said it been posted through the letter box WELLL THAT MADE NO SENSE. Then I thought aye might as well wait a bit longer then I see the courier approaching my door asking me what my item is and he will give me £20 pound if he cant find it. Now my theory is the dumbass ignorant pig has either taken the parcel or has lost it or even forgoten about it. I am NEVER using this company again its a pile of bullshit and no one else should use it I paid good money for this delivery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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