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this is one of 2 companies that i have had the misfortune to experience in the space of 2 weeks.
there is no honesty left in this country anymore, blatant dishonesty, lie to customers, and really do not give a damn about their reputation. eventually this will catch up on them and then we will see, because if you treat customers like this, it will come back on you.

i have cctv and when i am waiting in for a parcel that say's it is being delivered on 6.4.2013, i would expect it to come, waiting and waiting , checked tracking, well to my surprise it states that it was delivered at 12.12pm.
so i must presume that yodel along with [Link] have invented a cloaking device that makes them invisible to us mortals, they should sell this cloaking device instead of trying to deliver parcels, 10/10 for invisibility 0/10 for delivering parcels and lying through their teeth.

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Hate this company, useless, useless!!!!!!!!!

I have had to wait in 2 full days for a parcel which never turned up,and will probably not come till next week, which I doubt, because now I am asking for my money back from the company that use these useless dick-heads.

They are the worst company you could ever use.

I really hope they go bankrupt and throw the lot of them on the scrap heap, that is what they deserve the way they treat customers ,they deserve utter contempt as a delivery company, you would be quicker getting in your car and delivering parcels yourself.
I have had stuff come from china quicker than what these knobs can deliver.

They have now stated that they attempted delivery tonight at 18.44pm, i wonder if they said this because we said we would complain to the supplier.
the only problem is , the fools should have known that i have constant cctv recording 24 hours a day, guess what , the invisible delivery driver must have come, because i cannot see any van or person coming to my house at that time.

here is the proof LTD

great service.

ordered 4 nankang tyres for home delivery , came 2 days later, after my last experience with, i must say this is the place you should get your tyres from, a very good service all round.

Tyre Shopper

awful experience with this company. edited 8th and 10th feb.

Ordered 3 tyres for fitting, took my money, then emailed me next day to say they are unavailable, would i like to talk about some different ones ?
Well no i did not, i don't like places that advertise goods that are not available or in stock, so i asked for my money back, told by email that takes 3-5 days.

Well im still waiting for my refund, I have had to open a dispute with paypal and then escalate it to a claim and during this time there has been absolutely no response or reply to paypal regarding the claim.
This is the worst online company i have ever dealt with, and I do a lot of online shopping, not replying and making me wait for my money back after their deceitful way of getting me to purchase tyres that was not available is service at it's very worst.
Even the order code they gave me would not be accepted by trust pilot to leave a review.
Dishonest and not trust worthy and i hope people think twice before using you, because i regret it badly.

This companies arrogance is surpassed only by their lies.
emailed me today to tell me that they have been trying to refund my money but i have put a hold on my paypal account, and can i remove this hold to refund me, well it is not on hold, it is a claim made through paypal and the date paypal review this claim is , yes 8th feb , since 21st jan this has been going on and only now they decide to communicate, paypal has been waiting for a response from them regarding this claim and they still have not responded , after today i should get my money back.
they are taking the piss and they know it, use this company at your peril , and don't be fooled by their reviews , never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never responded to paypal at all, this shows what company you are dealing with, finally got my refund back, and no thanks to them. this shows exactly how they treat customers.

12 February 2013

Reply from Tyre Shopper

Dear Crag,

We do apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused.

There is simply no excuse to the way this refund has been treated and I intend to escalate this as high as I can, therefore no other customer is effected in this manner.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention and this review will be passed to the senior members of customer services.

Kind regards
Tyre Shopper Customer Services


liars and charlatans

this is the worst review company you could come across.
i have tried leaving a review for on at least 4 occasions. which is the worst company i have ever had the misfortune to deal with.
i paid for 3 tyres which i never got, and i have had to escalate it to a claim through pay pal to get my money back, and they have not even bothered to reply to this claim yet.
it is a disgusting service on their part and trust pilot is no better.
trying to leave a review for this company is like trying to climb a mountain with butter on your hands, impossible.
4 times i have tried, and every time it says invalid order number, well i have the order number and sent it to trust pilot, "ok sir now you can leave your review".
REALLY! NOW I KNOW WHY TYRESHOPPER HAS SUCH GOOD REVIEWS , YOU DON'T ALLOW BAD ONES DO YOU TRUST PILOT, it's a dishonest practice that your doing here and morally corrupt , you should be ashamed of yourselves.
bet you don't publish this neither , i will never ever use any place that you recommend again.

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05 February 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Crag,

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.
Update: We’ve now looked into the issue and I can confirm that we received your proof of purchase. We have sent you further information and an invitation to review via email. Please follow the instructions in the email.

I’m sorry about the trouble but I hope you will take a few minutes to write your review.

Kind regards,
Bertrand Carton

excellent company

i've only used this place 2 times so far and found it to be a very good company for all your pet needs, will continue to buy from here when the time arises, highly recommend it !!

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