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dreadful dreadful service

Had a problem with one of the parcels i sent using their service before, but put it down to the courier (dhl) and decided to give them another try.
their website asks which country youre sending to before offering the services and prices - i chose a service advertisied as surface mail, specifically as i didn't want the items to go by air. the parcel came back returned by the courier as it wasn't a surface mail service it was airmail. called the postagesupermarket office and explained, the guy said that there wasn't anything on their site that said it was road freight (it was- its still there - parcelforce europe road freight service) and then said there was info in their terms stating that it may actually be air it goes by, i asked him where about and he said he didn't know and couldn't be bothered to read it. i have checked again and there's nothing there at all. asked for a manager, he said he was one, and he wasn't prepared to consider compensating me for the misleading advertising of the service. i asked for his boss, who is the owner - [name] and was told he wouldn't call me back if I asked him to, i'd have to write to him and he MIGHT get back to me.

Sage Pay


I have been waiting for nearly 5 months for my Sagepay Go application to be processed. I have jumped through hoops for them raising all sorts of info on my company. They have finally managed to get half my application done, but I still only have half a service and they give me the impression they are just puppets to the Merchant bank, they have no authority to even call up and find out what is going on let alone get anything done about it. They dont answer the phone, dont call you back, don't keep sort anything out unless forced to. They are absolutely crap. I have tried to work with them, but will be putting an application somewhere else, I think I might actually be quicker, than waiting for Sagepay Merchant Services to get their act together. They do not inspire me with any kind of confidence about their ability to handle my business going forward - this weekend they had 4 hours downtime, where payments wernt being taken properly. You have been warned.

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