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Just try and dispute a scam

I've just got off the phone with Paypal. Total time, on the phone? 1 Hour 32 Minutes and 19 seconds. And absolutely nothing to show for it but a resolution to never use their service again.

I just wanted to know if it was possible to dispute a claim that was brought against me. I did not think it would take very long, so I used my cell phone, which has limited minutes.

I was passed and passed between employees, with HUGE wait times in between. Note: paypal's does not give you any sort of estimate about how long the wait time is, as most systems do these days. And they certainly don't give you the option of getting a call-back.

Each new employee knew nothing about me or my question. Each time I had to repeat it, over and over.

The basic story is this: I used to sell the occasional item through Ebay. Once Ebay was trying out a new set-up for listing a selling, and I missed the "only ship nationally" option. My item was bought by a person in China. I shipped it and obtained a USPS tracking number. I thought that was safe.

The chinese person then claimed to have never have received the item. I called paypal with my tracking #, thinking I was good. I was informed it was not an acceptable tracking method. They refunded the chinese person's money, from my account. My account was $22 short, (about 25% of the total amount.) At this point, I have been robbed. I refuse to pay it.

I google around. This is a common scam. Internationals learn that paypal doesn't accept USPS tracking #s and use this to scam US sellers.

And paypal refuses to forgive the $22. Worse, they keep me on the phone for hours and hours (this wasn't my first call), dangling hope, transferring me from rep to rep, that they MIGHT forgive the $22. And they, after all that time, they don't.

I don't think I've ever dealt with a worse company.

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