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Ok until you actually have to TalkTalk to them!

So I've had 12 months uninterrupted phone & broadband with no issues.

The problem started when I tried to tell them that I'm moving house. They have a "funnel" that they try to force you down to advise them of your new address automatically on-line. I'm sure it's very efficient, but by doing it that way you carry on paying the same price at your new home as you were at the old. Phone & broadband companies do better deals for NEW customers and as we were at the end of our contracted period anyway, I wanted to actually TALK to someone to see if they could do a better deal at the same time as moving house. SHEESH, over an hour of hold music, some helpful but difficult to understand call centre operatives and 3 phone calls ensued. Actually it was the length of time I was on hold for that was the biggest issue. Finally they managed to offer a deal to stay with them! Hooray! But it took longer to deal with that one utility than all my other utilities combined.

You need to pull your socks up TalkTalk!

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Stunning Velvety Red Roses

My wife was CHUFFED with her flowers, especially as I'm not usually the flower sending type of guy. Who can be bothered to trudge to an actual shop and mess about trying to imagine the kind of bouquet your loved one would want, AND then try to communicate that to the florist without having to keep a eye on how much the £'s are racking up? My heads hurting already. With arena I can browse through tons of options, each intuitively organised, to make selecting the perfect bunch easy and I can instantly see what the damage will be. The flowers arrived in a bomb proof box, seriously these boxes are probably the most robust I've ever seen, put a gun turret and tracks on them and you've got a TANK!

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