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Four Times The Fun

I have got to say that buying the Solwise 4 port Homeplug has been a blessing. Since most of my equipment is in one room (away from the router), I already had a single Solwise Homeplug. The only issue with that was deciding on what it should be plugged into. Do I keep it in the PC, the PS3, the Bluray player or the LG TV. I have a NAS unit installed by the router, so like to access it from a number of sources. Laziness tends to win me over and I just won't change the lead over. That and having to rummage around the back of all this gear, with leads going everywhere. Now, I don't have to. Everything is plugged in and rearing to go. And even when I'm streaming a film from the NAS straight to the TV, I can still download PC updates or even get the latest for the PS3 on the PS+ network. Even if you're only ever likely to have two internet enabled device in a room, go for the 4 port over the single port. The extra expense will be worth it in the end.

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