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Absolutely shocking customer service - AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I'm not one to usually go overboard on the exclamation marks, but if one person alone decides not to go with British Gas, whether their Homecare and electrical appliance cover (as reviewed here) or otherwise, well....

So my house (which is rented to a lovely family) is (soon to be was) covered by British Gas Homecare 300 and kitchen Electrical Appliance cover for the Fridge freezer, washing machine and cooker.

The problem started when the new tenant moved in, stating that the fridge wasn't very cold near the top. Not a problem I said, here's the number for the BG cover, if you arrange a time for an engineer to call it will be easily sorted, at no cost to you.

Sounds straightforward! However...

First visit - the engineer calls, takes a brief look over the fridge, tells them to defrost the freezer (it didn't need defrosting) and states its all fixed, thanks. Leaves. Nope, it wasn't fixed, and the food that the tenants bought based on his diagnosis was promptly ruined. Fantastic.

Second visit - the engineer calls again, takes a look over the fridge and states that it needs turning down via the temp controls on the front. Again, states its fixed. Again, it is not fixed. Tenant again buys food, food is again ruined.

Third visit - the engineer at this point decides that it needs a new fan and orders part.

Fourth visit - engineer turns up to fit new fan, again says problem is fixed. Leaves. Problem is still not fixed and again my tenants food is ruined.

Fifth visit - the engineer finally diagnoses a gas leak in the fridge and writes it off, saying it needs to be replaced completely. This now leaves my tenants with no way of keeping any fresh or frozen food. Not ideal with a family and young daughter.

I ring British Gas to find out what the process is, turns out they will contribute 30% to the cost of a new Fridge Freezer but its via VOUCHERS and I have to use their supplier.

I call the product replacement team to be told the cost of an equivalent spec fridge freezer is £900 (having only paid £450 for original one I find this ludicrous). I tell them not a chance, they'll need to find me something within a lower price range.

I should mention that at this point, the current fridge freezer is within an alcove of certain dimensions, which would make things a little harder, but any standing fridge freezer will essentially fit as long as its not super tall.

They called me back later in the day to say they couldn't find a suitable fridge freezer due to the dimensions required but they have referred it to a technical team, which could take up to 5 days. Remember - my tenant still has no fridge freezer at this point...

I advise my tenants to purchase a temporary fridge freezer, which they do - this can be used as a spare in future when BG eventually pull their finger out.

I am still awaiting a call back from both the product replacement team and the customer relations team as I have opened an official complaint and expecting compensation in the very least for my tenants and more towards the cost of the replacement fridge freezer.

This has been going on for nearly six weeks now, and my tenants have been without a working fridge freezer for this long.

Once this whole matter is closed, I will be cancelling the cover as its absolutely, shockingly bad customer service.

Cliff notes:
- Tenanted house
- British Gas Homecare 300 and Kitchen appliance cover
- Pay approximately £45 a month for this
- Fridge Freezer both not keeping a low temperature
- Engineers fail to diagnose problem several times and advise tenants its fixed
- Tenants lose more than £300 of fresh and frozen food over the course of this whole debacle
- Fridge Freezer is finally diagnosed as having gas leak and written off
- BG product replacement is via vouchers and to 30% of the cost
- BG fail to find replacement product and refer to technical team
- Problem still unresolved after nearly six weeks and tenant has been without working fridge freezer for this time

So as you can see, its not worth it. Take and spend your money elsewhere - I would rate them zero stars if I could.

First class service, thank you.

From looking online first, identifying the tyre I needed to phoning up to see if I could get a fitting that same day, to the guy fitting the new tyres and taking care of the old ones it was an end-to-end brilliant experience.

The person I spoke to on the phone (Sally) was extremely helpful, cheery and rang back when she said she would, as well as keeping me informed and checking if I wanted it fitting earlier.

Brilliant website, brilliant people, great stuff. I'll be back and will definitely recommend you to anyone that asks.

Rare stuff these days, keep it up guys.

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