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Ordered 2 tallboys from bedroom furniture world on 24th march still waiting for them 6th april 14 days later even allowing for bank holidays delivery is a joke. Emailed the company on 28th march asking where delivery was they replied saying it would be delivered now after easter. Used their tracking system to find out delivery company used would be xdp derby. Item finally reached derby apparently on 4th april when it was apparently put out for delivery. Derby depot apparently put the items out for delivery on 4th april and apparently put a card through the door. They apparently were going to deliver it yesterday pm slot despite waiting in again guess what its still not here . I use the word apparently a lot here because its a bit of a guessing game as at no point have I been emailed or texted or rang to say the delivery is on its way. Off my own back I have attempted to contact the derby depot this alone is a joke. The depots landline number is actually a voicemail for a mobile number. I have rung this number left numerous messages and only twice been rung back. I have been given excuses like they have a backlog, the driver isnt answering his phone, the drivers are behind because they cant go out until the hub arrives ? !!!! I phoned bedroom furniture world yesterday after waiting in a queue for ages finally spoke to someone who said the item was definately out for delivery yesterday pm . Well it never arrived. The xdp depot also state a card was put through my door on 4th april well it most definately was not . At the time it was apparently carded on 4th april at 15.25 my husband was in the house.!!! I am absolutely disgusted with the apalling service I couldnt recommend to anyone. I have lost money on phonecalls and time waiting in for a delivery that never arrives

Dear Prachi , I have already complained on your website on the same day i left the review. Today I have received a mobile phone answer phone message to say that the van that was delivering my items broke down on Friday another excuse! The van with my furniture is apparently at the garage being fixed and I may !!!! get it delivered tomorrow !! I wonder if I am to put my life on hold just in case I may receIve the items ? I also wonder what state the items may be in if they ever arrive having been out on the van for 2 days and now at the garage. My order no by the way is THE ONE SENT ALREADY TO YOUR WEBSITE. I shall e mail your site again to say that this must be escalated to senior level as it is beyond a joke. Thankyou

UPDATE 12/04/13 DEFINATELY WOULDNT USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!. The only way to contact customer service is to sit in a telephone queue for approx 30 mins or e mail them and expect a rubbish response in a couple of days. They are fond of posting a response on here that looks like they are going to do something about it but then they dont. I eventually received my furniture after all this time. As soon as it reached my door I had to turn it away as the furniture was broken !!!! I then e mailed world stores to complain again. I asked for a refund which they are supposedly doing although it hadnt reached my card yet . Despite me asking for some senior response to my complaints they seem to have ignored this all together all they did was send a brief e mail apologising for my experience and stating they would refund to my card. So no response as to what they thought of it all, no response from senior management by way of apology . So its seems their management arent really interested in customer service. What does this tell you ?? RUBBISH COMPANY

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08 April 2013

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Dear Alison,

I am really sorry for the problems you have had with the delivery and the poor service you have received. I would like to investigate what has happened and make sure this is resolved for you.

Please can I ask you to spare a couple of minutes to contact us with your order number and contact details so we can look into this? The quickest was to get in touch is using the contact form which can be accessed via the help link at the top right corner of our website.

Kind Regards



Ordered some bedroom furniture through bedroom world on 24th march items still not arrived 06/04/13 !! Items apparently arrived at depot in Derby on on the 4th april and was apparently put out for delivery on the same day. I say apparently because I had no phonecalls to say the delivery was coming out to me . The xdp website then shows as carded at 3.25 pm. This is a complete lie no card was put through our door and neither was any attempt made to deliver the items. On the 5th the item was put out for a pm delivery again with no contact to myself made by the company. I waited in until 6pm and guess what the items didnt appear ? !! According to xdp website their driver must be working all night as its says its still out for delivery from yesterdays pm slot ? !! I myself have used bedroom world tracking system and have attempted to phone the Derby depot. The landline number given diverts to a mobile voicemail. I have phoned the mobile number several times. The majority of time it is not answered. On the odd time it has been answered by a lady who has told me they have been delayed because of waiting for a hub to come in so the drivers can get out , also they have a backlog and have taken on extra drivers also that the drivers dont answer their phones also promised the items would be delivered. It is an absolute joke especially as bedroom world state you can watch a video to say how reliable their delivery is. I am disgusted with xdp and their service and not impressed with bedroom world either. My advice would be to use neither
UPDATE 12/04/13 . ITEMS FINALLY ARRIVED . ITEMS DAMAGED ON ARRIVAL . HAD TO RETURN IMMEDIATELY !!!. I managed to find a number for head office customer service . I spoke to a very helpful and polite lady called Barbara who was very kind . I have asked her to pass my complaints onto the regional manager who will address hopefully some of the issues I have had with xdp. Obviously its too late for me now as I couldnt possibly face the process of going through a reorder of the item. So I have cancelled and requested a refund from World stores who run bedstore. I am most unhappy with their customer service as well and have left them a seperate review on this site. I dont normally leave negative reviews as things do go wrong at times, I think I am a reasonable person but have been pushed too far on this occasion. I would also like to think by me complaining it may improve their customer service for the next person ? I CAN ONLY HOPE SO !!!!!

07 April 2013

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Alison, Could I have the consignment number please, and I will contact you with an update, also find out why things have been delayed. Regards Jennifer

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