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Don't understand their own systems!

I can get discounted gift cards through a work rewards program for Currys, so against my better judgement following past experience I decided to order a new TV from them.
This was a pre-order to collect and pay for with the gift card, first problem was that the pre-orders are kept miles away from the collection point, so I had to wait ages for the poor assistant to travel from one side of the store to the other, and then struggle back with the TV, all the while several people were waiting and queuing.
Then when I handed over the reloadable gift card she bent it in two immediately she'd taken the money off it, without asking me if I wanted it back to reload. She didn't seem to understand the reloading process at all, first she offered me the bent and now useless card back then gave me a different new card, which I have no idea if I can reload or not.
To add insult to injury you can't use gift cards for online orders and so I missed out on the 25% discount on the wall mount that I would have otherwise got. I really don't understand why they have to make things so complicated even their own staff seem to get confused.

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