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Total sham outfit

I booked a flight through opodo thinking that if a flight has been advertised and they let you book it, give you card details etc then you have bought the flight....NOT TRUE it seems. Opodo offer cheap flights to draw you in, they then try to get the airline to accept your booking afterwards. In my case , I booked a flight on Thursday and received an email saying thank you for your booking request, however your flight it unconfirmed and easyjet will confirm it after 24 hours or not. My flight was for Monday so I was anxious to know if it was actually going to be confirmed. I suspected it wouldn't be as I got a good deal and easyjet were charging way more in their site. I called opodo, they don't have a clue, told me to call their partners, edreams, they had less of a clue. Finally talked to a decent person at opodo called Chelsea who told me that easyjet hadn't confirmed and that I would have to wait until Saturday. In the meantime I can't book another flight as this booking may be going through. Obviously I got an email this morning saying my booking was unconfirmed and they cannot tell me why. So that's that, two days of waiting, lots of money on phone calls and now I have to buy another flight at premium last minute prices, This company is a sham, they advertise flights that they don't actually have. Do not be fooled by this company, it cost me more money and more stress. I think this activity is fraudulent, I will wait to see of I get refunded fully, I suspect there will be more phone calls. AVOID using

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