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I am happy to report that after further consideration by Oakfurniturealand's customer care manager I have received a replacement table. I am very pleased that this unfortunate matter has been resolved satisfactorily as other items I have previously purchased from this company have been excellent.
7 days after the warranty expired the top of my table suddenly split all the way through and for almost the entire length leaving a gap of 2 to 3mm. I immediately contacted Oakfurnitureland (OFL) by phone as when I visited their showrooms they told me that they will not deal with warranty issues. The immediate response was that the table was out of warranty and would not be replaced. When I noted that the warranty had expired by a matter of days OFL as a "concession" agreed to have the table inspected for repair.
Their representative (from Homeserve) visited and advised that the gap was so large they would nor attempt a repair. I again spoke to OFL who basically said hard luck. So I have a table just over one year old which has been well looked after which is now basically scrap. It is clear that there must be a major defect in the wood used for the top but OFL will not recognise this. Best of luck in the future toall those singing the praises of OFL.

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