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I purchased tickets online March 3rd for a Beyonce show on April 19th. I directed the tickets to a friends apartment with my name on it because I did not feel comfortable sending it to my dorm. Checked UPS tracking later and saw that they had tried to send it to his apartment but needed a signature, so it was sent to corporate goods. Ups was suppose to at least leave a note at the address saying that the package tried to be delivered but they did not. Called both UPS and Viagogo asked what I needed to do, where I was directed to call Viagogo where I changed the address. A week later I received an email saying the package was received and that I could not get a refund. Confused I went to pick it up and it had not been delivered. Called Viagogo again and they said they would get back to me but never did. I had also checked online after this and the address to deliver had not changed. I called twice more and received the same "we'll get back to you" with no response. When I called a third time I was told that the tickets had been destroyed and there was nothing I could do and I can't be refunded.
This just feels like no one was doing their job and I am very upset about it. All I want now is a refund because this was such a hassle with such a terrible result.

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Cynthia McDonald
Vienna, United Kingdom