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Incompetent and untrustworthy

Fortunately I have narrowly avoided using this company for car hire in Spain. I had booked a car for two weeks at a very competitive rate through the CSMA discount scheme which (if booked before 7th April included a free upgrade to total excess waiver on the insurance). I booked received a confirmation but couldn't acces the bill to see what they actually charged me for 24 hours. When I checked I found that they had charged me for the upgrade on insurance. Some mistake or innocent error or IT cock up I thought. I called HA customer service (on the Saturday on the day following my booking) and got through to a (I assume) Indian lady who had difficulty undertanding what my problem was and kept trying to terminate the call at the slightest indication thta I had said 'yes' to anything. I have to say I have a great deal of sympathy for call centre staff who are incredibly badly paid given next to no training and given impossible targets. That said it took me over 20 minutes to get her to eventually put me through to a supervisor. It transpired that customer services had no knowledg of the free upgrade offer and I had to take the supervisor to their own adverty on the CSMA web-site before they agreed that I was indeed entitled to the free upgrade but unfortuantely their technical staff weren't in until Monday (after the offer closed) and they could only suggest sending in an email query or phoning back on Monday. To be fair the supervisor did eventually call me back and said the reason for the charge was that the total damage waiver box on the booking form was ticked (I should point out that the form has this box ticked as a default setting, you have to deliberately 'untick' the box) and therefore HA had charged me. Apparently if the box had not been ticked, indicating standard insurance waiver they woul have upgraded me. When I pointed out that what he was saying was that HA would have upgraded me if I hadn't asked for what I was entitled to but charged me when I actually asked for something to which (he agreed) I was entitled he said that he couldn't do anything about it. This is the point that I decided to cancel and avoid anything more to do with such a confused and incompetent organisation. I should also state that they had the cheek to try and charge me a £15 cancellation fee which I had to point out was not legally enforceable. Saying that as I still have to wait another 24 hgours for the credit invoice to become available I am not entirely certain that they have waived the fee?
The point is that if this company cannot even communicate their own offers to their own customer service staff let alone operate their own booking system and then still try to rip you off at the last minute what on earth could have happened if I had actually gone through with this booking and had a problem in Spain. I have no faith in this company and despite looking competitive frankly I would rather spend a few more pounds for abetter service. I have passed this information onto the CSMA who will hopefully choose another preferred partner company to do business with.

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