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wasted my time

ordered sky phone with fiber internet they arrived to install my internet only to find out my phone did not work one week latta i asked why has my phone still not been fixed was told fault at exchange , then was told o we might cut you off if we like as we have noticed you have a old dept with us witch i don't have , so only after 2 weeks with them they did agree to cancel my contract free of charge due to the phone not being repaired witch was nice of them , so not all bad some times can be nice people but this time my time was wasted


do not wast yr time or money run run away

right were do i begin lets start from the first day . i had talktalk take over my sky phone line and internet , every thing went strange from my first day ordering over the phone i placed my order called up 1 week latta to make sure every thing was still in place was told no order was placed , was then told to place the order again , but week latta resvied to letter in post with to orders and account numbers , one order was canceled very fast they said sorry then they sent bt out to do a install why i don't no as i had already had the fiber installed from sky but person on phone did not understand that duh. then all my stuff went active was very happy every thing was cool 3 weeks latta in November all my services went off with a fault on the line since then my internet and tv has not worked correctly this is now march 2014 , iv called customer service up 40 times every time they hanged up on me and then il have to call up .. they sent out tv engineers who all they did was a factory reset on the box wast of time 3 new Reuters still net don't work correctly . then n the 27th of march 2014 i called up as my enginer arived and then refused to fix my fualt and went home i called up was todl i can cancel for free as my serice as not worked fro a wile agnet on phone was so rude he said how about i shut up and listen to him hes the talktalk agent and i have to do as he says so i hung up called bk spoke with manger old them what happened was tald to call bk on the 8th i did they refused to put me on to cancellations department i prosted til i was put on to a manger from cancellations who so happened to be English and from uk at last she understood and no questions let me leave my contract for free at last . iv now said to my wife and my friends im now and forever will be avoiding talktalk car-phone were house company's all seem to rip you off so avoid them all as much as you can .. so really all i can say is avoid them unless u want stress and pay for stuff that you don't get



avoid them they distored my credit

hi guys well the story began last week i ordered my self two phones one for me one for my wife as we need to phones due to my health for emergency's so i ordered my self a Samsung galaxy s4 and a huawei p510 with i was not sure about for my wife well the phones arrived next day very very fast delivery ,,, well my wife looked at hers and did not like it was cheaply made i was told i could return the phone in 14 days and exchange for another handset . now this were it gets interesting i went in to teh store and they said there is no such thing you can not exchange for another handset i told them it stats on your site and i was told bye head office i can they refused and then the lady did a credit check in store with out telling me for the phone i wanted i did not agree to that check i then said look please can i have my phone il go to another store she stated i can not have the phone back as sh has now canceled the contract and i have to cancel my direct debits . i was fuming so i went home called the head office they was nice on phone said sorry but only thing i can do is reply for another phone so i said yes next day another phone arrives same make and model again witch i don't no why a si wanted a s4 mini for my wife so rang carphone weare house up they said just go to store simple swap store once again said no can not do it then they said yes we can he then did the swap then did not let me have the new phone and said o we cant let you have it so i called head office again in front of stuff store still argued with head office store then did another 3 credit checks again with out telling me for no reason . they then canceled my phone again and the contract so now i have only one phone i have major kidney problems so we need phones i was in store from 10am till 6 pm a hole day just trying to get my phone and now i have nothing and my credit file is now not worth nothing due to the amount of credit checks they did . head office peopel are fine its there stores i will never use again i will only use phones4 u now care phone weare is not worth it will never use again even if its safes me money going there rather pay more to some one else for a better service... ps if you do take a contact out with them they will tell you you can exchange handsets up to 14 day as long as its still mint condition but they will not honor that agreement. and of the day they have no idea what there are doing also no manger would help i asked to see him they said hes away on holiday i said were is supervisor was told hes away till end of week so no ones in charge of a store . very annoyed as you can tell so avoid also they try ed changing my date of birth on my file witch i said why did you do that he said i did it to see what it would do so i will be taking this to trading standards and will be going back to store getting every ones names and making complaint to head office this is the ealing Broadway store wast of time wish i had not took either phone out now and had gone to phones 4 u


avoid should be closed down

was sold a mobile phone contract with insurance only wen i lost my phone was told i don't have insurance and i will have 3 options pay £5.00 for a replacement sim card and keep using there service . 2 pay for a new phone my self . 3 pay £500 to pay the contract off complained to costumer service and told them i was sold this contract with insurance they told me not there problem and is the agents problem i have now got trading standards involved utilty then said u wish to get trading standards involved u can but u will have to take teh agent and teh agent is responsible for every thing not them ,, im now in 500 dept but il be taking this to court

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complete wast avoid avoid

had to order a replacement mobile phone dpd arrived with a swap it bag the bag was already opened driver took my new phone out the bag witch he had no rights to do handed me it and asked for the old phone handed the old phone back to him he never sealed nothing and walked off latta i find out on the tracking hes said i signed for it wen i never its a fake signature police are now involved due to handset going missing that i sent back dpd worthless each time i have had something delivered buy them the drivers are rude and just say here u go sign then they walk off no how are u .. will be avoiding them from now on this is my second review first was taken down buy this site .. police are involved now so avoid

19 April 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Mike,

Thanks for supplying a parcel reference on this particular review. Your original review was removed due to a failure to provide a valid reference number, meaning we had no means of investigating this for you.

Please be assured that I have shared your details with our customer services team and have asked them to look into this matter for you as a matter of urgency.

Kind regards,


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